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Monday, 24 April 2006



I missed it! Oh, now I'm really sad. That looks so good. I've been craving Thai nonstop lately. That would have really satisfied my craving! That pork laab looks delish.


Hi Kirk! I used to man the shaved ice stand at Nisei Week too!

I don't know if I've ever had Cambodian food before... too bad the chicken skewers weren't so good. Mmm....getting hungry and it's only 10:30am! =(


Kirk, thanks for posting the link to the local festivals! I'll definitely have to bookmark that for future use since I love these types of events! I haven't had papaya salad in a long time- might have to attempt to get some this weekend since you put the idea in my head :)

Reynila Calderon-Magbuhat

I remember seeing this in the paper, saving the clipping, then forgetting where I put it. Now it's too late but I had a vicarious experience thanks to you. :) Our family will have to go next year.

By the way, my parents grew up eating green mango with bagoong alamang (Filipino salted shrimp paste). My Mexican friends eat it with salt and chili powder.


Hi Kady - You know I'll have to work out some kind of calendar of events, or something like that.

Hi Kristy - You know, those kids were really working hard.

Hi Joan - It was fun to just cruise around, and try out the food.

Hi Reynila - You'll find this Festival to be very laid back and relaxing - at least if you go early enough. All the vendors were very nice. The Missus loves bagoong rice....'nuff said.


I too had thoughts of attending but completely forgot about it. Nice write up Kirk.


Hi Jack - Thanks, this was a nice, laid back festival.


Do you know any other Cambodian Festivals in San Diego this coming year?


Hi Lindy - I'm frantically trying to track down a festival....there was nothing last year at Colina Del Sol.....I'm hoping someone can help us out!


In the past few years, the Cambodian New Year celebration at Colina has diminished due to lack of vendors and participants. Last year there was a small celebration at the temple up the street, Wat Sovannkiry. If there is no celebration at Colina you can try the temple. If your really adventerous you can head up the Long Beach where there is a larger Cambodian population.

Cambodian New Year Celebration 2008(CNYC)

Saturday, April 12, 2008
From 9am - 5pm

El Dorado Regional Park, Area III
7550 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA

Park entry fee: $7
(Visitors can enter the park via Spring East and West bound and Wardlow West bound)

Ticket Sale:
Regular Price $35 per vehicle
Pre-Sale: $25 per vehicle

Pre-sale ticket available at:
Bamboo Island Restaurant
816 E. Anaheim St. Long Beach

Golden Villa Restaurant
1360 E. Anaheim St. Long Beach

La Lune Restaurant
1458 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach

Mary's Video
1600 E. Anaheim St. Long Beach

Vinh Heng Market
2148 Anaheim St. Long Beach

On April 12, tickets are available for $35 at:
All 3 entrances to El Dorado Park
and El Dorado Branch Library Parking Lot
2900 N. Studebaker Rd (8am -2pm)

(or you can head over to my house, my mom cooks up a feast... just kidding =P)


Hi Noodle - Thanks for the info - I've heard about the El Dorado Park celebration, but haven't made it up that way so far. Does your Mom have an extra spot at the table? ;o)

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