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Wednesday, 15 March 2006



thanks kirk! i'm hoping you don't think the movie sucks too

anyways, i got you covered bro, since we were "really, really, looooow budget" we couldn't afford special effects and stunt teams,so we just did the next best thing.....showed people eating and talking about food... ha ha

kirk, you the missus and the fendi bag should come down for the L.A. premiere if you can, we'll have some Mario's Peruvian beforehand! double yum!!! but, the Dior bag is not invited... sorry... ;)


Mutant lemons and giant mangos? Wow. What a day!


That was a nice mix of tidbits Kirk! I am sooo glad you managed to find your wife her rice and that the place still sold most of the dishes. Hehe if shes like me she would have been extremely dissapointed if you got home and she had been dreaming all the time yo'd been gone about this rice and if you got home and no rice.... well... it might have gotten crowded in the dog house that night! ;)

That giant mango is huuuuge!! I wonder if these giant fruit and veggies ever taste good?


the news about the giant mango was carried by both Honolulu newspapers on Sunday. I ran across the article myself last night on Slashfood.

The picture of the mango shown on the newswire though was taken in October of last year. I don't know why it all became news just now to be truthful. But the grower still keeps the mango handy in the freezer. She picked the mango green anyway, as the photo of it shows, so you couldn't have eaten that particular species of mango unripe anyways. What's that they say, "you can't have your mango and eat it too," or something along that lines : )


I made it out to Vientiane last week after you mentioned it, and I got the papaya salad and fried rice. I really liked both of them. The papaya salad is a lot stronger tasting the Thai version. I noticed that they had pho over there too. I was also pleased that they had a working game of Frogger :)


Now see, Kirk, I was going to say: even from the little bit I've learned about Asian cultures, I figured you couldn't have a movie all about Asians and not have food in it somewhere. :-)


Hi DCCF - I didn't know if you wanted everyone to know - so I kept it kinda low key. I'm sure we'll ehjoy the film - just let me know when! Especially since I know you're blowing the entire budget on the "after-party"!!!!

Hi Kady - And it's not even the weekend yet!

Hi Rachel - Don't know - I've found that huge fruit/vegetables sometimes don't taste very good.

Hi RONW - I think it's because Guinness certified it as a record mango. I think picking it green was a very good strategy - could you imagine if She had let it ripen, and then it fell of the tree...and splat, not moa' record, la' dat....

Hi Howie - Funny, I had never thought of you as a "Frogger" kind of guy..... I've found that most Laotian Food has a bit more fish sauce, and less sugar.

Hi mizducky - You are without a doubt, 100% correct. I think that's why I enjoy the SDAFF so much, many great films, with alot of food scenes!


never thought of that Kirk....waiting for the mango to ripen would be taking a gamble that it might fall off the tree.


Kirk, I think we can just name my Baby Bro "Roswell", what do you think? ha ha...thanks for the link!

And that mango is bigger than that woman's head!

Passionate Eater

Wow... You classified the dish as "mild" although I see five visible chiles! I think that you just have the spicy gene in you! I'm guessing the gene is like the one that controls for lactose intolerance. I can eat spicy foods, but not like that.


Hi RONW - And with that splat would have gone the world record!

Hi Pam - LOL! Roswell, is a great name. BTW, the average human head weighs around 10-12 lbs.... so that mango has got a bit of growing to do.....

Hi PE - Munching those chilies added heat, but not the kind of "heat" I was expecting. The papaya salad I gad previously, though, really set your lip on fire....delici-yoso!!!


I went back here a couple of days ago. I had pho and my friend had sukiyaki. They were both pretty good though different from their Vietnamese and Japanese counterparts. The pho broth seemed more lemony (maybe lemongrass), and it mostly had meatballs rather than slices of meat. Good, but I'm so used to the Vietnamese pho.

The sukiyaki came with a small plate of sauce that the owner instructed us to pour into the broth. It was a little sweet and it tasted like peanuts. Very surprising.

By the way, after you wrote that the peppers weren't hot, I tried one that came with the pho and my face immediately turned red and started coughing. I think your tolerance must be better than mine :)


Hi Howie - Oooh so sorry! The one I had was just slightly hot - maybe I got a mild one! Hope you're ok. Interesting about the soups/Pho/"sukiyaki" - I did look over the photos when I was there, but never tried it. I really don't know very muuch about Laotian food other then the Laab and Papaya Salad, so all that is new to me.


Well Ron/Kirk that could've made a record splat !


Hi Rachel - And a major clean-up as well.


I am droooooling....Both the red chicken and catfish are a couple of my regulars at Dao Son. But's all about the rice!


Hi Jack - You are right. I could just eat the red sauce with rice, and would be completely satisfied!!

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