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Sunday, 12 March 2006



The round rice noodles with coconut milk is one of my favorite dishes at Saigon. I usually get it with the crispy tofu skin. I'm surprised you had a bad experience with the noodles, I have always found them to have a very satisfying texture.

I also like their frog with lemongrass, and they do a very nice rendition of fish porridge. The durian shake is also not bad. Come to think of it I haven't been there in months... I'll have to go try the clams, they look tasty.


Hi SK - The Banh Tam, was really good, except for those noodles, so i'll probably be having them again. Looks like you need to mae a visit to Saigon soon.


Try the Vietnamese restaurant "Lucky Seafood" at the corner of Mira Mesa and Blackmountain Rd. They serve pho, bun and "com tam" dirt cheap. It mostly packs with local Vietnamese in the area. For more adventurers at heart, read Mr. Graham Holliday's daily blog at about Vietnamese street food in Saigon. It's just awesome!!!


Hi Larry - Thanks for the rec', but I've already been there several times....

And yes, Noodlepie is really well done.


Oops, Hi Kirk
Ya do know your stuff :) I just happened to read your blog today. Sorry for kinda underestimate ya :). I really enjoy reading food blog. Two places if I may recommend when you travel, Singapore and Saigon... You'll be in food heaven :). You'll find travelers speaking different accents of English, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and whatever in between that all enjoy eating and slurping the same foods... Amazing experience!!!


Hi Larry - Oh no, no offense taken....We're trying to plan an extended vacation next year to maybe Thailand and Vietnam....hopefully it'll happen.


Hi Kirk,
Have you tried Như Ý Restaurant at 4712 El Cajon Blvd # A San Diego CA 92115 (619) 282-4545
If you'd like to try, they have "bún mắm" and "bún chả hà nội" which are pretty good. The only thing I'd say that they're not 100% like Saigon food stalls, just because they don't have all of the right green stuffs (I'm sure they make do of whatever they find locally) :(. However, the bún mắm broth (just a tad on the sweet side for me but my wife still likes it), the meats and fish are very fresh and tender.

Bún chả Hà Nội is really good. I think it's pretty much on a par with saigon food though.

I still crave for Saigon street foods and its atmosphere :( . I guess I'll plan another trip soon. Sigh...


Hi Larry - I see that you need another trip very soon! We've been to Nhu Y - the Missus likes the drinks there - but I've never ordered food. If I in that mall I usually end up at Kim Chan for Banh Mi. I've quite a list of places to visit in the area(inlcuding Da Nang, among 20 others) - including a kind of hidden Bun Bo Hue place in the area. So keep those rec's coming!

Johnny H

Hey Kirk, in regards the the sauteed catfish dish it is traditionally made with cross sectional cuts of the fish. This way, you get the most of out the fish. Saigon (the restaurant) is one of our family favorites in San Diego because of their variety. Thanks for the review!


Hi Johnny - Thanks for taking the time out to comment. Saigon is a good "bang for the buck" restaurant.


i noticed since you and your wife enjoy fried appetizers you might want to try BANH XEO at saigon it is pretty good. I also thought bo 7 moung (7 course beef) was very tasty not too sweet. remember to get mam nam for dipping sauce to eat with the 7 course since you can handle the taste of shrimp paste.


The little lady and myself actually were driving home tonight and just chose this place ..well for no reason at all..other than I was in the mood for Pho.I had my heart set on a bowl of Pho..until... I opened the menu...Holy Ho Chi Min..When the waiter..FINALLY got around to noticing us..I just panicked and forgot what I had come there for and chose three things that I had no idea about. No Pho! Anywho, I thought the portions and prices were more than fair and the food was delicious. I must say that the service was abysmal.. Even by Asian restaurant standards.. Just really bad across the board..But for the price and quality I shall return on a slower day. P.S. I had that weird pork bbq..mystery meat with the coconut milk noodle thing. Tasty "Stuff" BTW,Whats the name of that Mung Bean omelet like thing. I wanted that but I didn't have 5 hours to scan the menu in search of it.


Hi TLB - Are you thinking about Banh Xeo? We call the menu situation, "Vietnamese menu overload." BTW, Saigon has Pho, but I wouldn't recommend it.


Yeah Banh Xeo!! Thats the ticket. I used to get it in PDX all the time. It's one of my favorite things in the world. Does Saigon have it? I was happy to read after the fact that their Pho isn't so good. I was very close to getting it but I just...forgot what I had come there for because of the menu size..It reminded me of when I was a big record buyer..I had a million and one ideas of what I was going to buy but at a good recored store...I'd just freeze up.Vietnamese Menu Overload (Good band name)indeedlydoo.


One of my favorite things to eat here is the 7 course beef. It serves 2. Food is served in courses, and you roll the meat with variety of vegetables in a rice paper. Its fun, and delicious, try it if your feeling adventurous. yas


Hi Yes - I think that Phuong Trang's Bo 7 Mon is better......and I'm not a big fan of Phuong Trang. You need to get out to Little Saigon.

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