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Sunday, 12 March 2006



hehe kirk if you ever run out of restaurants in San diego, here is another place you could keep visiting. Start and 1 and work your way down ;) we have a similar yet different version of the noodles salad here. Its got the nouc mam but no coconut milk and its more grilled pork slices in yummy secret vietnamese grilling spices. Sometimes with spring rolls as well. It goes down a real treat in summer. Noodle quality varies from place to place. Great review though... really makes me hungry for some good vietnamese!


Hi there, nice blog you got. Found it by accident but love all the reviews. Especially the vietnamese ones. Which brings me to my question/request. Any chance you can get a recipe for the nuoc cham dipping sauce from one of those restaurants? All the recipes I've tried have been from the internet and while they are decent, I'd really like to know how to make the restaurant style ones. If you can get your hands on one please share with us! Keep up the great blogging.


Try something with the char grilled pork next time. Amazingly flavorful stuff.

You've made me too hungry for 7:40 in the morning.

Good review


Hi Rachel - I think your talking about those "Bun" type cold vermicelli dishes - many times served with grilled shrimp or pork, and some Cha Gio, and you pour the nuoc mam all over it. It is really good during those hot summer days.

Hi Roger - Thanks for stopping by and comenting. I do have a few recipes, and have tried one or two, so I'll see what I can dig up.

Hi ed - We were lamenting the fact that we didn't order the pork with the noodle dish.


what about a good place for com tom (vietnamese broken rice dishes)? So far, the best I've had is at pho pasteur on linda vista next to K sandwiches. Any other suggestions? :)


Hi Stacey - I've never had really great Com Tam - mainly because I always order the Com Tam Bo 7 Mon - and it's really hard to get 7 great "meats". I enjoyed the version at Convoy Noodle House, and we saw someone ordering it at Saigon, and it looked pretty good as well.


I've never seen most of the dishes you had before...Vietnamese food is certainly more than just pho and com tam!

Thanks for the post.


Saigon is our "local" Vietnamese restaurant, but since I tend to suffer from the overload you mentioned, I usually stick to 3 or 4 of the same dishes :) I do like the chargrilled pork there- it freaks my husband out b/c he isn't a pork fan and he thinks it's weird that there's a "surprise" onion in the middle, but I love it!


Hi Elmo - I think many of the dishes are based on Chinese Food. But there's so much Vietnamese food I haven't tried yet.

Hi Joan - The prices are pretty reasonable, and the food pretty good. And yes, that green onion is quite a surprise.....


Be sure to try Saigon's Hazelnut Coffee shake!


The pictures here look great! My favorite dish at Saigon is Shrimp Tossed in Butter. It's shrimp seasoned and fried shell-on/head-on then tossed with butter and fried garlic. I guess it's the Vietnamese equiavalent of the Chinese Salt Pepper Shrimp. Saigon also makes a good On Choy with stinky tofu. Mmm!


Hi Marc - Thanks for the rec'. The Missus enjoys those type of drinks - espcially Durian. Her favorite place of the moment is Y' Nhu and their shakes.

Hi Howie - I did see that on the menu and was wondering what the heck it was. I asked the Missus to read the Chinese description, and she said, "It says shrimp with butter". I also noticed that they also have Salt and Pepper Shrimp on the menu as well. Among the other 340 items!!!


Hey Kirk! I think you are just being picky!!! ;o) Those beef rolls look outstanding. Being the wierdo I am, I like them when they are a bit chewy. Never saw the coconut milk/nuac mam combo before. It doesn't sound delicious to me.. But I sure wouldn't mind having the opportunity to try it!


Hi Jo - Moi' picky?


Hi Kirk, Great pics! For some reason, I haven't been here in quite awhile. Thanks for the reminder. I just noticed the hours...8am? Have you ever been there that early?


Hey Jack - Haven't been there at 8am, but our second visit was at about 10am. Many of the Vitnamese Restaurants in the area open early, it's a pretty good breakfast option!


I like to pour the nuac mam into the bowl and then just dip the meat into the coconut milk with chopsticks before eating.

Both the grilled pork and the grilled beef are top shelf at Saigon.

Try the Chinese Sausage Rolls too!


Hi Marc - Actually, that's exactly how I ate it. Sounds like you're a real regular at Saigon.


Hi Kirk - Yes, I've been to Saigon many, many times.

I love the warm coconut milk served with the "round noodle" bun at Saigon. Their different buns, rolls, awesome shakes and drinks are all favorites. I hope you'll try their bun again and have better luck with the noodles next time because I think they are usually quite good. I'd also say that Saigon's grilled pork is the best in SD.

For pho dac biet, I go to Pho Hoa on Linda Vista Rd. and for pho bo ka and pho ga I go to Pho T Cali off Claremont Mesa Blvd, although I'm a little worried about "T" since the name change.

I think Pho Hoa in LV also serves superior cha gio and the best cafe su da in SD. They actually custom-blend their coffee!

I'm a regular lurker here, so hello and thanks to all involved.

Keep up the great work!


Hi Marc - Wow, quite a list. I like the broth at Pho Hoa-Huang on Linda Vista Road, though the noodles have mushy a few times. I have been to the former Pho Hoa Cali only once since it bacame the 'T', and thought the food was pretty much the same. I'll make sure to get the grilled pork from Saigon the next time. Thanks for the recommendations.

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