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Sunday, 26 March 2006



Oh, those last two pictures are priceless!

And great restaurant review - as always!


that looks great!!! i'm a fan of maguro and otoro myself!


oooh! Now I know where to take my parents for sashimi when they come in next week :)
I would feel so bad eating that fruit tart after seeing the last picture! lol


i've eaten twice at komasa, kinda late (10pm), and both times have been a little freaked out at the other diners in there. burly, surly, suited with impressive bulges...right about where a gun holster would go. good guys? bad guys? i haven't returned.



i've heard nothing but good things about sushi gen... never heard of komasa, i'll check it out next time.

yamazaki pan, i like that place.. very underrated..

did you eat the dog pastry?

Beth - Zen Foodism

My husband and I ate at Sushi Gen last summer and loved it! We felt almost like we were back in Japan because we were the only non-Asians around and the chefs there don't do any of the Americanized rolls that you find so common at most places.

Glad you enjoyed your meal, Kirk!


i looked at the last 2 photos the longest ha ha!
i wonder if they can whip up a pug's face? (^-^)


Hi Scott - Thanks! That tart is kawaii, no???

Hi Tommy - Welcome and thanks for commenting. I thought the Sashimi was very good.

Hi Kathy - If you're going on the weekend, maye you should call and see if they take reso's - (213) 617-0552. There are many choices in Little Tokyo.

Hi santos - LOL! Probably "good guys" LAPD Headquarters is right around the corner - that's why we've always felt pretty safe in Little Tokyo.

Hi DCCF - No ,the Missus ate it! Komasa is only open from 530pm, and is like a neighborhood kind of place, very low keyed - though the last few times they've been really busy.

Hi Beth - The sashimi was very good - I didn't care for the Nigiri too much, but that could just be a one time glitch. We have always ended up at the same places in Little Tokyo, but because we weren't able to this time, it gave us a chance to spread out a little.

Hi thess - You'd be surprised at what you might come acorss in these bakeries!


Hi Kirk!! The sight of your sashimi platter really got me drooling!! That looks amazing and great value too. Wish I could find that kind of sashimi paradise in Sydney :)

Awww that cake looked just like sammy!!! That was a great look-a-like pic too :D Even without sammy's pic below it I knew exactly who it was!


I'm with Thess....couldn't get over the two last photos. *Driving all the way to LA for dinner?? Did I read that right?


Yum. Beautiful fish and nice presentations. I am in desparate need of a San Diego sushi trip soooooon.


OK, whats up with you & the missus being literally 2 minutes from my place & not arranging for a blogger meet-up??? LOL! NEXT TIME...

Mmm, haven't had Sushi Gen in awhile; your photos of the sashimi platter remind me I have to go back.

And those last two photos...priceless!!!


Hi Rachel - LOL! Actually it's Frankie....but we know who you meant! :o)

Hi RONW - We did more thne just eat at Sushi Gen, we usually plan a few things around a road trip like this.

Hi Ed - Well you'll be able to scratch that itch next week, right?

Hi Pam - Really, you live that close? It was a mess in the area, we didn't know about the huge demonstration Downtown, kind of freaked us out! My apologies, it was kind of a last minute thing. Wow, if we lived that close, I'd be living at these places.......We do need to meet up, though!



You are killing me with those pictures. I have not had sushi for a long while, since Pan is expecting. As soon as she delivers, Pan has said that she wants sushi. Your live Uni post has been burned into my memory. Is it a special order form Sammy's? Something you call in?


Kirk....what's that green vegetable, that has the pickled ginger slices on top of it, in the middle of the plate in the photos?


My goodness...a sushi plate for you each? Looks awesome! But I would've busted at the seams.

Sushi Gen looks like the real deal...I guess all that Chowtalk in the LA board were right. (except for the nigiri)


Your sashimi plate looked absolutely beautiful. The toro just looks so rich. It's giving me a major sushi craving!


Hi Rob - LOL! By all appearances that could be any day now! The live Uni is special from Sammy's - he will order it if you make a reservation, or just drop by and ask.

Hi RONW - I think you're talking about the Wakame Seaweed?

Hi Elmo - Believe me when I say, I could've maybe done another plate! The sashimi is a great deal for the amount and quality.

Hi Howie - The sashimi was worth every cent.....


Oh my god, all of it looks so good despite the sushi rice being crappy. Is that abalone in the bottom left, the white translucent stuff with sauce?


Hi noromdiam - No it's ika, but the little piece above it is mirugai which was really good.

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