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Sunday, 19 March 2006




That's because we work for the same company. We go there all the time. I know what you mean about the broth...most of the time it's great, but sometimes it's just ok. I ate pho' for 5 years, but now I religiously get #77 and #34 (appetizer). I really like #77 big time. My friend Charlie and I are addicted to it...



I get #77 with a twist. They also add Shrimp for the same price for me. They are all cool there too. The owners knows us well and they take care of us. Lately we have been going there to eat and watch the World Cup. Another plus of this place compared to others, its not as crowded. It does get busy and stuff, but not anywhere near other Vietnamese restaurants.



What is your favorite Vietnamese restaurant in SD? The place on Convoy? That place is popular big time, but not close to my work. We work right next to Pho' Viet Cali.


Hi Chris - I understand, convenience does play a significant role in where we eat - especially during the workweek. As for my favorite Vietnamese's hard to say. I have favorites for particular dishes. And no, Phuong Trang is not our favorite....though it's clean and consistent. I think if you look through all the various Vietnamese Restaurants I've posted on so far(I've been to many more), you'll understand my dilemma. I'm really not even thinking about Pho' right now, it's so darn hot here.


Hahah, "the place on Convoy"....I can't stop giggling...I once said that to someone...'you know, the cheap Chinese place on Convoy know which one, right?' was my own joke...


Well Cathy - Maybe I meant you know, the Vietnamese place on ECB.... ;o)


Wow! Very funny Kathy! I eat at a lot of Vietnamese places around town. If you were a big Pho' fan, you would know what restaurant I am talking about. It's very popular and my Vietnamese friends say it's their favotire in San Diego (even though I dont necessarily agree with them). I don't know every single name of all of them, but Charlie and I eat at these places about 4 times a week.

I used to eat Pho' for 4 years straight and I never used to get anything else. Charlie and I are addicted to #77 now though. It sounds so basic, but it's so darn tasty. I get it with Shrimp and beef and they give use xtra large portions because we eat there all the time.

I don't know if you were making fun of me or not, but I took it as if you were..... If you weren't sorry for taking it that way.

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