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Sunday, 19 March 2006



You get excellent food of all ethnic cuisines in nyc except for Vietnamese. A banh mi at any price sounds delicious now. Why is the grass always greener on the other side? (or rather, why does the banh mi looks better from the east coast! lol)


Kirk, who has the best banh mi in San Diego? I've only made my own (nonauthentic but extremely yummy shrimp and beef versions) and would love to try a good/authentic one. I just checked out several of your banh mi posts and you didn't seem thrilled with any of them (K, Lee's, this one). Any suggestions?


by the sound of it, you guys know your banh mi....coming from me who never ate a banh mi before, albeit. I'll stick around for the discussion, though : )


I love how you guys have different types of banh mi. Here in Oz there is only "pork, chicken or vegetarian" banh mi. There is no grilled meat or anything like that. Its always cold cuts.

I love noodles with pull! And I love tendon and tripe *drool* I also love the beef balls which have tendon pieces in them. Now you have made me have "pho envy" ;)


Hi Kathy - I'm sure you're having a great time in NYC! The Banh Mi will be waiting back home.

Hi Kady - My favorites so far are Cafe Dore and Kim Chan. I think Banh Mi's are different for each person - it's a combination of taste and texture that makes it so enjoyable.

Hi RONW - It' s more of a case of we know what we like. After you've had a few(if you do enjoy them), you kinda figure out what you enjoy. I'm sure you could drop by Ba-Le, and try them out. People keep emailing me about the Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi back home, casue they can't find them here.

Hi Rachel - Mushy noodles are a big no-no. Most Pho' here in San Diego are Beef-based, and the only options are your combinations of meat.

Colleen Cuisine

And all I have for lunch is my boring cafeteria food. What I wouldn't give for a hot bowl of pho!


I've always thought that this place looks too nice and generic to be a pho restaurant. Never been inside though.
For me, the thing that really distinguishes a banh mi from some other sandwich is the pickled vegetables and the chilis. Mmmm this is sounding good right now...and I can eat it!


Hi Colleen - Funny, cafeteria-type fare would be a normal lunch for me a few days of the week as well.

Hey Jack - The Pho' is not bad - there's alot of meat in the Dac Biet. But compared to what's down the street, I think it's a bit on the expensive side.


This is my least favorite Pho shop. The last time I visited, my friend and I were forgotten and walked out. I'll drive the extra 5 minutes to Pho Ca Dao with no regrets.

Joseph E

Kirk, it's about time for that Banh Mi Comparison Chart you suggested a while back. It's interesting how much variety you've found. I should try Kim Chan next.

I'm sorry the Pho wasn't anything special. I've noticed that you haven't yet picked a Pho place for your usual rotation. Which one do you like best so far?


Hi Jason - There's no excuse for being ignored in a restaurant.

Hi Joseph E - I'll get that comparison done, I've got a few more Banh Mi to do before a summary. My favorite Pho' so far is coming up - though I enjoy Pho Ca Dao and Convoy Noodle House.

Joseph E

I can't stand the suspense! I was hoping to go out for lunch today and try some more Pho. It looks like we'll have to wait for your top recommendation. Is there often a delay of several days or a week between your meals and your blog posts?


Hi Joseph - I'm sorry, if you email me I'd be happy to let you know my favorite so far! Sometimes there can be a delay of "weeks", especially if I make several visits before posting, but usually it's a few days.


You guys are crazy who don't like this restaurant. It's good! Complaining of expensive pho'? Are you kidding me? $6.15 is not expensive, even though it is a few cents more than other pho' places.We go here all the time and the are very nice to us and we love the Pho'. Our favorite item now is's good. I eat at all the Pho' places around town and this is one of my favorites and plus it is close to my work.


#77 is awesome! i'M NOT A BIG pHO FAN but I do liek the Pho with a lot of meat and onions and if you run out or get a small portion of Peppers for the Pho, you just ask for some more and they bring it out....Yes Chris, they are crazy! Viet Cali rocks!


Hi Chris and Charlie - Sounds like you both enjoy the Pho' here. I thought the broth was average, and overall overpriced. I'm glad that you both enjoy the Pho' here. But, both of you share the same IP address???


Good call, Kirk...apparently they aren't too tech-saavy..The one thing (of many) I like about your blog is you always put a photo of the front of the building. It helps when I can't see addresses...and yes, the price is a tad high in comparison to the rest of the county...


Hi Cathy - Not to subtle, was it?


I don't like saying bad things about places, but this isn't one of my favorite pho places. It could be I was unlucky the one time I went, but the meat was tough and the broth tasted strange to me.

Maybe I needed to order the famous #77? :)


Hi Howie - #77 is Stir-fried beef and vegetables over steamed rice..... it's also $6.50.

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