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Wednesday, 01 March 2006


clare eats

What a shame.
I am still shocked at how few garnishes you got, really amazed, perhaps they think you won't use them?


What kind of measly garnish plate is that? You should have gotten maybe 2-3X that amount. Like you said, Linda Vista is just a mile or two away if you are in the mood for pho. BTW, is Kona Kakes still in that shopping center?


You would want to try pho at the Lucky Seafood restaurant in Mira Mesa. It is inside or, you can say, next to the Lucky Seafood grocery place in Mira Mesa & Black Mountain Rd. It has been my family's favorite pho place ever.


What's your favorite place for Pho? I was at Phuong Trang last weekend - I love their food but I don't think the pho is the best.


Hi Clare - Perhaps you're right - but I do consider the garnishes to be one of the key compnents of a good bowl of Pho'

Hi Jack - I saw the sign, but didn't check to see if they are still in business.

Hi Minote - That's coming up, first I'll do Lucky Seafood, and then I'll do the Restaurant. BTW, how's the "Mi" (egg noodle soup) place that just opened in the same mall?

Hi Candice - Well of the places I've posted on so far - I still rather enjoy Convoy Noodle House(thought the broth can be very heavy on clove). I think Pho Hoa Hiep and Pho Ca Dao are very similar, and very consistent. I really don't get the Pho' at Phuong Trang or Saigon(way too much Anise for my tastes). I thought Pho Hoa Cali, now Pho T Cali was okay. I've never been to Pho Hoa Cali in Mira Mesa so don't really know. I enjoyed the broth at Pho Hoa on ECB, and Pho Hoa on Linda Vista, but need to revisit, I also need to revisit Bolsaa and Bolsa, I can't remember much about them it was so long ago. There are waaaay to many places to try, like Pho Van, etc.....

Green Turtle

Though not Vietnamese, a new Thai place just opened up on Clairemont Mesa Blvd called Bangkok West (a little bit east of the Spice House Cafe). Have you tried it yet and if so, will a review be showing up here soon?


Muahahahaha! That plate of garnish was pathetic. Stingy and sad. But like I commented on EDBM's latest post, it's actually fun to read about bad food than it is about good food. Thanks for posting this one!


Hi Green Turtle - I've passed that new strip mall several times, and aim to visit sometime next week! I wish they had another interesting restaurant there instead of Rubios.

Hi Elmo - Fun for you.... Actually, some fun for me as well.



Yes Kona Kakes is still there. How do I know? My sis works there :) hehe


Hi Brian - Thanks for the updated info.


yuk! nothing worse than cold noodles. loved your comment about the ngo ngai being embarassed to be seen with suck skimpy garnish hehe.


err thats such skimpy garnish not suck


That's too bad. It's always nice to have another pho place handy. Now that you've eaten in practically ever pho place in SD, maybe you should do a roundup post like you did with the loco mocos? Or maybe for bun bo hue. You could give scores for broth, meat, noodles, and garnish.


Hey Kirk,
I'm not sure which Mi place you talked about. I saw there's a new restaurant just opened near by. I will check later. There's another Pho place *don't remember the name* inside the BoA complex which is the complex next to Lucky Seafood. It is behind Wings 'n Things. It seems lots of people like to eat there as well. I tried it once and I thought it's ok, not as good as Pho in Lucky Seafood.
I have been trying a lot of Pho places, in Linda Vista, off Bernardo Center Drive, near the Denny's place off in Mira Mesa, but I still end up getting my Pho at Lucky Seafood.
Maybe you want to explore other dishes, you can try Bali Thai in Mission Valley, they have a mix menu from Thai dishes to Indonesian dishes.


Hi Rachel - Cold noodles is a big no-no.

Hi Howie - I haven't posted on too many Pho' places to date. I need to revisit many places from my pre-blogging days, and then I'll do a summary.

Hi Minote - Funny you should mention, Pho Hoa Cali - the one behind wings n' things. Many people I know consider it to be the best Pho' in San Diego. I did have my "buddy" Reid from Ono Kine Grindz take a look at the Indonesian Menu of Bali, to make some rec's for Indonesian Food. I did think the prices were kind of high.


I enjoy reading about your food adventures. I have neither the time nor the patience to go through w/ blogging, but enjoy reading other people's work.

Although I agree with your post on Pho Cali that the garnish and broth are pretty weak, I like this place because in my experience, the noodles and broth have been hot--almost scalding--on all visits except my last (last week), and the meat has been consistantly good. I always get the pho dac biet as well. I hate it when the pho becomes lukewarm and eventually cold by the end of the meal, and it has yet to happen to me here at Pho Cali. Maybe you caught them on an off night, or the place is falling off. Hope it's not the latter.


Hi JKP - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm glad that you enjoy the Pho' at Pho' Cali. Personally, I feel I can get better just a few minutes away in Linda Vista.


LOL at the garnish plate. It looks like they dumped the giant basil there to "hide" the embarrassing amount of sprouts, etc.


Hi stef - welcome back! pretty sad garnish, isn't it?


I have only been to Pho Cali once, and it was just okay, there are many others in San Diego that are much better...I have found that Pho Sao Bien on Garnet Ave has excellent bbq'ed shrimp Pho, and the portions are generous. Also, a longtime favorite that is always great is Pho Ca Dao...I have gotten to know the staff, and less than 5 minutes after I walk in the door my Seafood Pho is brought to my table along with the best spring rolls in town!

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