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Tuesday, 28 March 2006



I love Vietnamese beef kho bahn mi! Yuuuuuuuummy!


Hi Jeni - When the beef stew is good, it's really good. But when it's bad, it's almost inedible. Does that make sense????


whoa! that's a lot of chili oil on there. i get scared off by NRM with that much oil. usually it's chinese style.

Christine D.

mmm pho. I love how it's been raining lately. perfect weather for pho! mmm beef stew... I hope you get your lime next time! I always have to eat it with lime, salt, pepper and chili sauce.


After the last few rounds of dissapointing pho, I'm glad that you found a good one! I'm really into the soup as well and I think it can make or break the pho :D Perhaps you need to also think up a scoring system for pho, something like the one for moco locos :) That bread looks so fresh ! The oil would have scared me off though :) Perhaps if someone else ordered it I"d try a forkful of meat :P


I couldn't finish reading your post because the Gentleman Waiter was standing behind me and hurrying me to write a reply already.

BTW, do you know of any good and SANITARY pho places here in the Washington DC area?


Hi EDBM - That's not chili oil, Annatto(achiote) seeds are sauteed in oil to start the dish - that gives the Beef Stew that bright orange-red coloring. Annatto is also used alot in Filipino cooking.

Hi Christine - Some lime really would've cut the richness. Your combination of flavorings sounds really good.

Hi Rachel - Though there was alot of oil, the beef stew didn't really seem "oily" in the least. I've got to get my act together, and dig up all my archived photos - I've promised Joseph E a Banh Mi and Pho' round-up.

Hi Joanna - LOL! We visited DC 2years ago, and stayed at the Marriott, and that's the only real experience I have with the area. We did eat in Chinatown everyday, but didn't have any Pho'.

May I suggest these places for reference:

Good Luck!


Been a lurker for some time. I have to say, your pictures always make my tummy grumble. Great job Kirk.


You've had pho at so many restaurants - have you thought about making a pho scale like you do with loco mocos? :) And that beef stew, mmm, "fork tender and moist meat" - you're making me drool. I usually need two baguettes per order! lol


Hi Jean - Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and also for the kind words.

Hi Kathy - I have found that Pho' broth has a great deal of "variance", so I'm thinking of how to approach the round-up. So maybe a flavor "profile"? I might've gone for an extra baguette, except that I was strangely pretty full.


Looks like I'm going to have to add this place to my must-visit list. The beef stew looks fantastic. And your description of the pho broth sounds delicious. Have you tried the bun bo hue yet?


lucky pho has never gotten high marks in my mind. I dunno, i think it kinda tastes like pho ha cali on clairemont mesa (yuck!), a lil too oily for my tastes.

i like really light broth,


Hi Howie - You know what, I didn't even notice if they had Bun Bo Hue - how could I have made such an egregious error?

Hi clayfu - Well that's specifically why I avoid doing a "rating system" for Pho', in my mind it's like BBQ and chili, everybody has their favorites and preferences. I used to enjoy a lighter broth, but time, and maybe the cooler weather have made me gravitate toward a richer broth. I always thought that Pho Hoa Cali - now Pho T Cali had a medium broth, I think it's pretty funny that right across the street from Lucky Pho is Pho Hoa Cali!


my roommate and i go to pho hoa cali across from lucky probably 2-3 times a week. heh


Whoa, I was just checking out your blog and saw that you went to Lucky Seafood, got some banh mi & pho. Nice!! ^-^ I know that you would liked the pho. I have never tried the banh mi though, but will have to try it next time I am there. Also will try the beef stew. What number is it anyway? I was laughing when I read about the guy was waiting for your order after handed the menu. I guess most people who come there already know their orders, like me ^-^ (#3, egg rolls and ice water, please!). And thanks for mentioning me on your recent post. -m


Hi Clayfu - And so it is with Pho'.... LOL!

Hi minote - Thanks again for the rec. I enjoyed the beef stew, though the oil content is kind of high - the meat is very tender and tasty!


You got to try this dish at Croissant Dore on Bolsa Ave. Your buddy Elmo like the fruit cake that they make. The fruit cake is what they are famous for but Banh Mi Bo Kho is not far behind. Try it some day and see if you like it.


Hi Beach - Thanks for the rec - I'll put it on my list. The problem being is that with gas prices...well....figure $3 for every 20 miles, times 100 miles each way - that's $30! So I have to bundle it in with another trip, unless you think the Beef Stew is worth $30? And I'll take your word for it.....I won't forget the recommendation though! Thanks again.

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