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Thursday, 23 March 2006



Yaay first to post!!
I love your logic about dealing with leftovers :D LOL
Hmm that is a bit of a small looking bibimbap. I also tend to prefer my egg in bibimbap served raw on top so that it cooks in the stone bowl :)
That soup of your missus looks really good though :P~


Panchan is always the "most fun" part of dining out at Korean restaurants - I think I could get full on rice and a dozen or so panchan alone :)


The bibbim bap wasn't too impressive, and that really bites that they didn't serve you in a dolsot. Oh I love Yukkaejjang, the soup your missus had, the spiciest one I have ever eaten was my mother's and one I had in korea! LOL Yeah I had the sniffles after that. Sorry about the rice thing, but it is good for you! *wink*


I love the raw egg over the dolsot bibimbap too, but a lot of restaurants here will not do that for you. I wonder if they are afraid of people complaing or something. *sigh*


There are some restaurants that are opening up that you can order just rice and panchan, or so I have heard. I know in Korea they have them, but I have not been lucky to find one here.

Joseph E


It's too bad you did not get to try the Korean BBQ. Calvin's picture is making me hungry! What did Calvin have to say about the the BBQ?

I have to agree that panchan-and-rice would make a great meal. I wonder if I could get away with just ordering a small meat dish... good vegetables and rice make me happy.



not a big fan of bibimbap, but i am a huge fan of the name... bibimbap... sounds like a saturday morning, muppets from outer space or something... ;p

and thanks for putting up with my non-foodie interpretations of food experiences and not permanently banning me from you site... ;)



This place looks very promising. The Spicy Beef Soup looks especially enticing. I like the Dolsot Bibimbap with the crunch rice crust too. I've had a decent one at Do Re Mi. I too would like to find a Korean place that just serves the panchan and rice. What a nice light meal that would make...


Hi Rachel - The Missus is the Queen of leftovers, and really does enjoy them - I think that's one of the reasons why she even puts up with my Food Blogging!

Hi Kathy - During the summer months I'll buy a bunch of panchan from our local Korean Market and just live on KimChee and delici-yoso!!!

Hi Mills - You got a could it be Dolsot BiBimBap without the stone bowl???

Hi Joseph - Here's what Calvin said about the Korean BBQ:

"We got the standard bulgogi, which they cooked at the table on a hot iron griddle and later kept moist with broth. I also got the chicken bulgogi variant, which came on a platter pre-cooked. Both were a tad underflavored compared to Boocho, but tender and yummy."

Hi DCCF - Believe me when I say that this blog would only be a shadow of itself without all of the great comments. And you don't know about Miu Miu?

Hi Howie - My favorite DolDot BiBimBap is either at Buga or Balboa Tofu House....hmmm, I'll have to go check it out. I'll ask around about places that would serve panchan and rice!

Christine D.

Why is everyone eating Korean food lately?! I need to go eat some soft tofu hot pot A.S.A.P. because i've had the longest craving for it.



i live in san dimas... home of the fashion inept

lets just say no one will look at you funny if you're wearing a trucker hat and marlboro.

i'm doing this stay away from the mall at all costs and patronize the locals campaign, so i'm not up to date with the latest...

maybe i should stop using MySpace as my sole source of current events


When are we going to get Korean food in Paris, this looks excellent...


hey kirk. LOL about the leftovers. and the panchan -- me want some! i have yet to be served an authentic dol sot though. yo-so lucky to have all these neat restaurants around you to explore!


Hi Christine - I think it's the bit of cold (for SoCal) weather we had lately.

Hi DCCF - Ain't going to touch that one! I don't need hate mail from Sam Dimas.

Hi EmilyK - Thanks for stopping by and commenting - why don't you try these ones out:
8 boulevard Delessert
Tel : +

1 rue du Dragon
Tel : +

Would love to hear about it on your blog:

Hi Stef - Nice to hear from you! For some reason BiBimBap tastes better in a DolSot.



You are so awesome to help other bloggers out! LOL Jo still talks about the magic microphone. ;P


Hi Mills - No problem, it was pretty easy..... So Jo's still dreaming about singing Desperado, huh?


LOL! She loves that magic mic, I didn't think you were going to leave here on time when you came to visit. Between her kids and Jo, you could have been stuck listening to another rendition of Desperado, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and who knows what else! I am such a goo friend I talk about her as she can't defend herself against her sevret angst of not being a lounge singer. ;P :) Nyah I love you Jo! ;)


Hi Mills - Ah, Jo singing Torch songs.......

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