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Tuesday, 14 March 2006



"old", usually not an adjective i like to hear about describing something i ate... yuk

hey kirk, not sure if you do this or its just me, but i rarely (scared to death) order the last few items on a menu... fearing those are the "SPECIALS"...

low turnover ratio = "old" = scares the hell outta me


interesting shape, those eggs? haha.


Hi DCCF - I will order "Specials" on occasion, but am careful with "fish".

EDBM - They would be kawaii, if they weren't laying on hamburger patties covered with gravy....


I know exactly what you mean about people stereotyping food. I keep telling people that there is no such thing as Singapore Noodles in Singapore. I avoid ordering it like the plaque. Sadly even here in Australia, hawaiian means to add a pineapple ring too and the pizza is ham and pineapple.
LOL good story to finish off the post. Sad that it didn't meet your expectations but hope you find other good grindz


the service there is terrible. my husband and i ordered theri teriyaki beef plate lunch. the beef had no sauce! then they seemed angry that we wanted a refund. we'll never eat there again.


I haven't been to Island Boy Grille in years. It was the only game in the town for awhile so when you wanted some local kine food and didn't want to go into PB, this was it. Again, it's been years, but I remember the service being a bit cranky also.

Funny story in Zippy's. Not a pleasant visual with the cigarette. I was just talking to my cousin about post-clubbing nights here in the mainland. In Hawaii, it's Zippy's for a Zip Pack (what I would give for a late night zip pack now!). in San Diego, it's your local take out Mex food for a carne asada burrito, rolled tacos, etc. My cousin just discovered the infamous california burrito and is now hooked on mex food.


sounds like they need to put some Primo beer in the Loco Moco sauce, metaphorically speaking. Kirk, have you ever tabulated how many good vrs bad loco moco's that's been your experience? What's the ratio of good/bad loco moco's. Last year, during the Pro Bowl game in Hawaii, the football announcers were touting "Loco Moco," so the dish received national exposure. Whether loco moco can live up to it's reputation is another thing altogether. Perhaps, it's a lot shangri-la.


Hi Rachel - "Hawaiian Pizza" is the same here in the states. I'll remember not to order Singapore Noodles around you! LOL!

Hi Reynila - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Sorry about such a bad experience, especially at a place that has "ALOHA" in capital letters on the back of it's menu.

Hey Jack - Sounds like the place has a specific M.O. But I'm sure I'll be getting some interesting comments soon, because I know a few people who love the place.

Hi RONW - The talley so far:
1 good loco
3 decent loco
4 below average to lousy locos

So the ratio is 1:1 for loco's. Interesting, huh? So far there's a 50-50 chance that I'll get a decent to good loco.


I don't think I've ever been able to find a worthwhile loco moco since returning to da mainland after college. Usually the beef patty is loaded with filler, which renders it completely worthless. Sometimes there are other things wrong with it. Some loco mocos here have made me physically ill. Going to have to search through your blog more to see where you can get a good one from.

BTW, "splitting image" should be "spitting image" and "avoid like the plaque" should be "avoid like the plague"


Hi Christian - It's hard to get a good "loco", but you can get a decent one. Many of the loco's I grew up eating(we're talking 3+ decades) had a bit of "filler" in it to keep it moist - sometimes %100 beef patties can be tough and dry - even with gravy. BTW, Rachel is a dentist, so I think "Avoid like plaque" is appropriate. And states:
"2. Someone or something that resembles another person or thing closely

Thesaurus: dead ringer (slang), splitting image (slang)."

I've been told that splitting image is acceptable by a Speech Pathologist I know, and is a very good example of "folk etymology," whereby an unfamiliar or seemingly nonsensical phrase, often very old, is altered slightly to make it more understandable in modern times.


ROFL kirk!!! If you were here I'd give you a hug. Yes I do indeed recommend people avoid the plaque ;) they can do so by brushing twice daily and flossing.


Sorry, don't take the corrections personally. I do proofreading part-time so every little anomaly jumps out at me.


Hi Rachel - I really did think you were being "pun-ny", you were, weren't you? :o)

Hi Christian - LOL! No offense taken. What I did find amusing was that of all of the spelling and grammatical errors in my posts(believe me there are many - I really don't "proof-read" much), you'd find one that was in that "gray-area"! Please feel free to point out any anomalies in my posts, so I can correct them. I will leave comments alone though, because I enjoy the free-form, stream of consciousness feeling I get from them.


Yeah, that's cool. I understand there is loose, social talk and that there's tight, formal, professional talk. You know the difference but many people don't. I proofread for Hawaiian Style Magazine ( I'm the only person on the planet who is simultaneously laid back enough to be interested in Hawaiian culture yet pent up enough to have every little typographical mistake irk him.

On another note there's a 25% chance I'll be down in San Diego tomorrow. Do you know anything about that Bali Hai restaurant? I guess I'll search through your blog for a possible mention of it after I post this.


Hi Christian - Nice magazine! But where's the food?? LOL! I've emailed you our experiences at Bali Hai!


Yikes, Bali Hai?

I've had a nice experience at Bali Hai. This is when Sam Choy decided to "lend" his name to the place (in fact, he left the day we ate there, or so they said) which was probably the reason the food was decent.


Hey Jack - We visited Bali Hai while Sam Choy was still the "name on the sign", but I thought the food was second rate - all of his signature dishes, from the fried poke and such were very oily, and everything tasted "off".


I actually used to work @ Island Boy Gaslamp . . . a lot of things have changed since that time. The original owners moved away from San Diego, so I'm not sure how the transition has been. The existing location is right in the heart of corporate mira mesa, hence the lunch rush hour. I still have loyalty to Island Boy to this day. You gotta appreciate the choice of side dishes . . . you don't see that @ other Hawaiian BBQ places. My favs are still the Lomi Salmon and Hot Seafood Potato Salad. I used to eat it all the time!


Hi Spam - Love the monnicker, BTW! I've always regretted that I never made it to Island Boy when they were in the Gaslamp. Loyalty is a thing to be admired, there is so little of that nowadays. It is funny that the best items I had were the Chicken Long Rice and the Mac Salad. That said, I went there for a good plate lunch, and was sorely disappointed.


The Kalua pork and Maui ribs at IBG have always been my favorite.
The long rice is tasty and the lomi salmon like what I remember back home.

By the way Rachel, in Singapore the noodles are known as "Bee Hoon" (in Hokkien), not "Singapore Noodles."

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