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Tuesday, 07 March 2006


Passionate Eater

Whoa there Kirk! A Tommy's hamburger has THREE patties of meat? Looks like the meat overwhelmed the entire burger and thus smashed up the buns. You'd better eat some garlic now to help lower those cholesterol levels!

Very fun post which helps me to experience Tommy's up here in Northern CA!


hehe I have to agree with the missus that the only way that chilli could look as firm as it did, is if it had lard in it ;) Having said that, it does look like something I would go hunting for once in a while, when i wanted a real "beefy" taste.
Do you guys have A&W hot dogs there? I thought it was an american chain but I hardly saw it over in the states. I grew up on it in Singapore. (many american chains open up in singapore) I loooooved the coney dog (hot dog with chilli and onions) and of course the root beer float *sigh*


Yea Kirk, that DOES look like 3 patties? What up man? ::grinning:: Maybe someone outta tell Tommy's to just load the garlic directly into the chili?

PE, where is a Tommy's in NorCal?

Rachel, we have a FEW A&Ws around. I was never thrilled with their dogs though. On the Oakland side of the bay you can get "Casper's" hot dogs which, for my money, is the best natural casing dog you can get. I love 'em steamed with mayo and fresh juicy summer tomatoes. For "normal" dogs (the kind without a casing) I love "Farmer John's". Farmer John's is a brand that originates out of the LA Basin. Their plant, which is located in the City of Industry if I'm not mistaken (and I could be mistaken), has giant murals painted on the walls depicting pig farms that are so pristine you just wanna step into them...


they put extra onion on your order for sure. That's a good point you brought up about the hot dogs vrs. hamburger thing. Never occured to me. How about sour kraut on a hamburger for starters?


Get the charge paddles ready! CLEAR! CLEAR!



kirk, i thought you were supposed to try the chili dog there??

i guess you have to go back, but i don't think they have a triple chili dog... just have 3 of them...


Hi PE - I think it's just the way I cut it,and folded it over.... You never have to worry about me eating garlic! LOL!

Hi Rachel - There are no A&W's in San Diego, but a few scattered in the surrounding counties. I remember seeing a ton of A&W's in Canada. Mozza Burger mmmmmmm!!!

Hi Jo - I don't think they have Tommy's in NoCal, yet.... the key word is yet! I love the "snap" of dogs with natural casing.

Hi RONW - I think sauerkraut on a burger would be great, or even kim chee!!!

Hi Elmo - Too late, it's flatline! :o)

Hi DCCF - He-he-he, I still have to do a post on the dogs Tommy's vs. Woodies - justifies another (or more) visits!


Damn Kirk! Is Tommy's like an In and Out type of place or is there only one location?? If they have multiple places I'm sure gonna make it a point to try them. The pics of the burgers made me want to grab one off the screen!!


I guess I should actually try and read your posts first before I start flying out the question! Couldn't help it...the pictures stole my short attention span!!!


Doesn't look just too "eat in the car" friendly. :) Best to eat there or will it last for 10 - 15 minutes on the way back to the office? And will I be in the bathroom all afternoon like I would be for Wienerschnitzel?


I haven't made it to the Tommy's location here in SD yet, but I have fond memories of visiting the original location in the LA 'hood :) Thanks for the great pics- looks kinda messy, but oh so yummy!


Hi Kyle - No problemo, I do the same thing all of the time. Hope you have the chance to try a Tommy Burger soon!

Hi Scott - I've eaten them in the car before - but you need to exercise caution. I think it'll last till you make it back to the office - my photos were taken at home, so they obviously made the trip successfully - but they do taste better eaten right away. As for tolerance, you'll just have to try them, and find out for yourself! :o)

Hi Joan - Yep, "kinda messy, but oh so yummy" sums it up nicely!

Passionate Eater

Whoops, sorry if my previous post was misleading. I meant that Kirk helps me to experience a So Cal phenomenon (Tommy's), while I am still up here in Nor Cal, a place without Tommy's.

Hope that made sense this time.


Oh my goodness! Have you had a heart attack yet? You're worrying me with that triple patty hamburger!


::laughing:: No problem PE, I just hate to miss anything that looks that yummy. In Hayward, we had Hambrick's 1/4 lb Burger on Mission just south of the Jackson/Foothill intersection. Their burgers looked just like that and their shakes where to die for! Better than Val's for my money.


I can see why the wine dude would try a German Riesling, but the best wine for a Tommy burger is definitely vinho verde - a super-acidic, lightly fizzy Portuguese white wine.


Hi PE - LOL!

Hi Kady - Don't worry, I'm fine. Having a Tommy Burger once in a while won't kill me...will it?

Hi Jo - Like I said, seems like burgers have overtaken hot dogs.....

Hi JS - Personally, I'd take a '97 Wild Horse Malvasia Bianca - LOL! Who'd have thunk to drink wine with Tommy's..... Though maybe some Asti would be ok! OR even maybe a Gewurztraminer.... Now you got me thinkin'.


Red zin is commonly paired with burgers, but the chili throws that pairing totally off. Gewurtztraminer or Asti are fine choices, if a bit sweet for my taste. I prefer something with more acidity, it helps to cut the grease and freshen the palate. In Europe, wine is enjoyed with all kinds of food - it's not this worshipped thing like it is in States. Still, given my druthers I'd rather have a nice Oud Beersel Gueuze with my Tommy's - now there's a pairing for the ages.


I LOOOOOVE TOMMY'S!!! I think I'm gonna get one tonight...after I work out. I like my Tommy's with a sweet Spatlese Reisling. :)

I also love how my fingernails turn orange from the chili. They become so perfectly chili scratch 'n sniff stickers!


I was driving around today trying to figure out what I wanted to eat for lunch. Passed Tommy's but just couldn't do it thinking about how much junk I ate the past few days up at Mammoth. I am glad we have one here though just in case I get one of those cravings for a cheeseburger, extra chili with a lot of peppers. Tell the wife to take a Zantac 150 before she goes - it works for me.

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