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Sunday, 05 March 2006



Hi Kirk!! love being first (or one of the first) to post again :D
I love rich broths pity it lacked a bit of depth but the color looked right. I wish I could have some of those noodles. They sound scrumptious!

I found it strange them all being at the same complex and same ownership and changing dishes and cooks and what not. Why pretend to be other restaurants? Why not just become a mega-bot restaurant?


People think you're Korean Kirk? Did you happen to snack on some kimchee before you went to both places? ;)

Nice to see more decent ramen joints opening in San Diego. Ever since the movie Tampopo I've been striving to become a ramen connosieur.

One place I've come across in this lil' town is a really dumpy, run-down, greasy wall place, but the ramen is actually excellent! Great noodles, soft flavorful pork cutlets, and good broth. And the gyoza is among the best I've ever had. All cheap too!

BTW, ever been by Orochon in Little Tokyo Kirk?

Jim (BM)

Hey Kirk,

How did the place stack up to Tajima? (my favorite place for ramen)


Hi Rachel - Don't know - maybe liquor licenses, tax, or someother regulation????

Hi James - No never been to Orochon Ramen, mostly just Daikokuya and Suehiro. i'm sure that there must be really good ramen where you are.

Hi Jim - I like the tonkotsu broth at Tajima better, though the prices are much higher. I like the noodles here better for some reason. But, I haven't been to Tajima on over 8 months.....


What's up with the name of this place? In hiragana it says "Ganko" but in english it clearly says "Gunco"...musn't be Japanese run/owned. Kinda reminds me of many of the local "Japanese" ramen places in Hawaii.


Hi Jup - Long time no hear from! Funny, in the Japanese Phone Book it's Ganko, but the sign said Gunco.

The Owner is Japanese, but spoke perfect English, could be Sansei, I did hear Him speak perfect Japanese......Most of the customers were Japanese Nationals.

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