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Thursday, 09 March 2006



hey man, you didn't clarify what purse the missus was carrying... i need it to update my spreadsheet.. thanks.


Well I guess it sounds like a good place ot start for someone unfamiliar with sichuan cuisine. I like the spicy chongqing hotpot and love hot and sour soup but I think that is my extent of knowledge of sichuan dishes.


I really like this place! Try the corn stir-fried with salted egg yolk - it's strangely delicious and addictive!


Too bad their dishes are not "up to par". Noticed that this is (I think) the first place that you've been to the says, "chow mein and chow fun". Maybe they'll make cake noodles for you with their chow mein noodles?


Hi DCCF - For your spreadsheet I think it was the Fendi.

Hi Rachel - The food is better then the run of the mill Sichuan - but not as god as our favorite Sichuan Restaurant.

Hi Candice - I think that perhaps Dede's does better on their non-Sichuan dishes.

Hi Lance - Actually, all Chinese restaurants serve Chow Mein, it's just that it's not like it is "back home", most use thick noodles.....


I would love to try the lamb with cumin.
Hi Kirk, have a good weekend.


I used to go here once and a while, and it seemed inconsistent. The first time I went I had this dish with a green vegetable with an pinkish-orange sauce (was it crab flavored?). I really liked it, but on another visit it was very greasy. I wouldn't call the food bad, but now that I've found Ba Ren, I don't end up going here very often. I might have to give it another try for the hotpot though!


Ooo, I just read your post on Ba Ren and I'm so excited to try it. I LOVE spicy and twice cooked dishes. I'm so happy that you mentioned Ba Ren again so that I could check out that post. Yay! I love Sichuan food. Thanks, Kirk!


hi! i went to ba ren for dinner today... twas verrry yummy. finally, a good restaurant in SD! it reminded me of one of my fav sichuan places in chicago :)


Hi Thess - The cumin gives the lamb a somewhat addictive quality.

Hi Howie - You've hit it right on the nose(as usual).

Hi Kady - Hope you enjoy Yourself.

Hi Stacey - The Chef at Ba Ren used to be the Chef of our favorite Sichuan Restaurant in LA - now we don;t need to make the looong drive for Sichuan. I'm glad you enjoyed Yourself.


You know, I was wondering how you felt Dede's compared to Ba Ren. So thanks for answering my question before I actually asked it. :-)


Hi mizducky - Dede's is ok, but we don't enjoy the meals there as much as Ba Ren.

Barbara Fisher

Lamb with cumin is more likely to be a northern style dish, I think than Sichuan. In fact, I can think of no Sichuan dish that uses cumin.

On the other hand, wherever it came from, it sounds good.

So, when we come visit my brother in law in LA this summer, Ba Ren is definately a place to visit?


Hi Barbara - Yeah, I think you're right. I had something similar to Cumin Lamb in a Shengyan-style restaurant - they were really good lamb skewers sprinkled with cumin. As for your trip to LA - I'll email you a list of our favorite Chinese in the SGV! If you do visit San Diego, Ba Ren would be a nice place for a meal!

Cal S

Did Dede's change ownership after your 2008-ish post? I only started going to Dede's a few months ago. We like their Boiled Beef/Fish, baked fish (with chilies, celery, ginger), baby spareribs with preserved veggies. Do you know what kind of fish they use for fish fillet for your post above? I wonder where one gets this kind of fish fillets in the market. We usually get our fishes frozen from Trader Joe's (Once in a blue moon, we get sashimi-grade fish from Nijiya). If you overcook the fish a tad, it comes out rubbery. But the Chinese restaurant fishes seem very forgiving when one overcooks it. Do you know the secret? I'm desperate for that piece of information. Chin's, ... Taste of China 2, Shanghai City, etc. all seem to use more or less the same type of fish.


Hi Cal S - Dede's did change ownership last year (2010). The "Chinese sign" details a different name. Try the "Water-boiled fish" - Shui Zhu Yu from Ba Ren. As for the fish, they usually prep the filets in a wine-cornstarch mixture - check out my Shui Zhu Yang Rou recipe. I prepped the lamb the same way I'd prep fish.

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