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Wednesday, 08 February 2006



yaay! first to post!! I enjoyed going on a Kirk-guided tour of the supermarket :) Maybe the pig uterus is for making "piggy in the basket" :P

clare eats

I like the isle of hot sauce mmmm chile


Kirk- on the side of the market (of the sign you photographed) is a "Vien Dong V" sign. Except for not having hot bread, the prices and 'selection' is pretty much the same.
mmmm, Pig Uterus!


Hi Rachel - I was wondering if people were going to get tired of me doing this.....

Hi Clare - They have a nice variety of hot sauces.

Hi Cathy - I did take a photo of the "Sieu Thi Viet Dong V" sign(BTW, someone told me that Sieu Thi means Market....), but it's facing the side street, and most listings have it as World Foods. I thought the produce selection to be good, but there were not as many varieties of eggplant, and other vegetables(i.e. fresh water chestnut) as Viet Dong III, also some of the more exotic items such as live frog and such were missing as well, also no cooked meats deli section. World Foods is much cleaner and neater, and has a good selection.

Christine D.

Lol, are those habaneros??

In my high school spanish class, we had to make salsa and bring it to class. I can just imagine some asian high schooler asking his mom to buy some ingredients for his salsa, and then when he'd bring it to class he'd burn everyone's mouths!


Hi Christine - I think those are! Just imagine, an entire class out sick - the next day after eating that salsa. LOL!


Kirk- that's my local Asian market! It definitely doesn't have the intense pungent aroma of other Asian markets :) I especially like all the fun Asian snacks- the jelly candies are the best!


Kirk! Looks like you had a lot of fun at this supermarket. I have the same obession: browsing through a supermarket with no plans to buy anything but just look at the food! I should try this at a local supermarket. Thanks!


Kirk, you're killing me here. In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE asian markets. Now I'm going to have to schlepp my north county ass all the way to El Cajon to check that place out. Seriously, though, thanks for telling us about it. Your pics are great! I pity the man who buys the habanero jalapenos.


Hi Joan - Aaah, the infamous "wall of snacks"! Sometimes it's really hard to decide.

Hi James - You should do the same - especially all the different poke and stuff from KTA!

Hi Kady - You have shopped at Lucky Seafood in Mira Mesa, right? I haven't done a post yet, but it's a pretty good Market. I'm glad people aren't getting tired of me doing my "market du jour" post.


This market almost looks TOO clean for an asian market! Just kidding of course.


Hey Jack - It's a very good market....LOL!


good review!! your blog is the only place to get great information about asian markets and restaurants in town! =)


Hi Annie - I don't think so. You do them as well!

ruby barnard

this is a great Chinese Vietnamese market and by the way vien dong in Linda vista is now thuan phat supermarket.

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