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Tuesday, 07 February 2006



Hahaha...Woodies...Hot Dogs... ;) Not a big fan of Kraut at all...but love my dogs with chili and cheese. the way, what's a Frito Pie???


I guess I'm not the first to ask. What's a frito pie?

clare eats

Oh wow Kirk, you really went overboard on that one :) I bet you were thinking..."hmm, how much sexual inuendo can I pack in here?" LOL

But 2 fisting the woodie just went too far man LOL!!!!!!!

Now I know why you liked chiisai chimpo so much ROFLMFAO!


you hear all that crap about "da best hamburger in town," but to me the "best hot dog" is the true prize. Like at $5 for a hamburger you could have had NY steak at home. The hamburger better be worth eating. Natural casing is a must-have for a winner. Saurkraut as a topping is de riguer. Otherwise the meal is too clean. Must have the juices all over your fingers. Some of the kraut spilling onto your shoes and on the pavement. Anything less simply isn't kosher. That limited menu is to Woody's credit (nice pic). The only sandwich I like better than one hot dog is Pastrami, and you can have both at Woody's, you say?


Wow I want a big woodie now!! I've never seen such a big pastrami sandwich ... its like 80%meat and pickle and 20% bun. I, too am curious as to what a Frito pie is :)I love crunchy dogs bursting with juice... hmm no inuendo intended ! :P And the pic of your woodie looks just fine kirk!

clare eats

"Wow I want a big woodie now!!" Oh boy Rachel, I think you need to be VERY careful or Rich is going to get very jealous LOL eh eh ehhhhh


Another person wondering what the hey is Frito pie? I'm assuming it uses corn chips, but other than that, I'm stumped. You know...them costco polish dogs are pretty good...and cheap! I know X. loves em.


Hi Kristy and Kady - Frito Pie, and least the one I had is I think Tex-Mex, and it's Fritos covered with chili, and topped with cheese. What most places do is not smother the entire layer of Fritos(has to be Fritos, BTW) with chili, thus you have Fritos in various stages of hydration for a varying texture. Alton Brown should do Frito Pie!

Hi Clare - No, I was thinking how much innuendo could someone pack into a short comment! LOL!

Hi RONW - Yes, you can pack in a month's worth of cholesterol in one sitting and get a hot dog, pastrami sandwich, chili-cheese fries, frito pie, and some beer battered onions rings...and then find a nice place to go moi-moi!

Hi Rachel - And the winner is....Rachel for best intended - unintended innuendo. You're still the best at it! LOL! :o)

Hi Penny - So true, it's hard not to get a Hot Dog at Costco - I treat it as a reward for surviving the shopping experience.


Hehe, I love Woodies! They do have a nice sloppy pastrami sandwich.

By the way, what's your favorite pastrami in SD?

The best I've had anywhere are at Katz's Delicatessen in NYC, where they filmed the infamous fake orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally.


LOL!!!! Forget about my "Trader Joe's Nuts" take home the prize for Most Beavis & Butthead Moments In A Post!

Have to agree about the pastrami at The's good, but salty!!!


Hey Kirk,

Great post!! Not to get off the subject...Have you ever tried Johnny's Pastrami in Culver City?? I go there everytime I get to L.A.


That Pastrami Sandwich looks great - I will try it soon. The idea of a chili dog sounds disgusting though.


kirk, how's the chili there? how does it compare to Tommy's/Carneys?

been going to PCH dog up in Orange and Huntington Beach for chilidogs.. standard, natural casing and all.. they have a kickass rootbeer shake too...

my bro lives in san diego, but now i have a real reason to go down there.. ;)


Hi Howie - I really don't think that there is outstanding pastrami in San Diego. I do like Woodies and DZ's - though I think that many times DZ's uses quantity to disguise quality, but I still enjoy it. Nothing quite as good as the Hat for greasy, but I also enjoyed Stage Deli at Caesars in Vegas, though talk about sticker shock!

Hi Pam - Believe me when I say, nothing can even come close to any of your posts....and it all started for me with Asparagus Pee!

Hi Kyle - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Never been to Johnnie's or Langers, it was a bit far from where we lived in LA. We had a branch of The Hat, over the hill in Brea. Though I really want to try Langers.

Hi Scott - So no chili dog, I'm sure you're gonna have Tommy's, right? The pastrami sandwich is worth the$4.50 you spend, ok but not outstanding. Eat it right away though.

Hi DCCF - I like Tommy's, chili at Woodies is ok.....Don't know if Woodies would be a reason to visit, but it's pretty nice down here!

Green Turtle

So, how do they compare to Tommy's? I had a Tommy's chili hotdog which was came with a sliced tomato, it was $2.05 tax included. It was a good hotdog and the price was right. Of course, their single burger with extra chili ($1.95) makes a nice messy meal.


Hi Green Turtle - I like the texture and the richer(call it greasy if you must) taste of Tommy's - though I've never had a Chili Dog from there. Tell you what - maybe I'll do a side by side comparison. How does that sound? BTW, welcome back - haven't heard from you in a while!


kirk, been going to the PCH dog in Orange lately.. this one's in H.B., if you're in the area def. worth a try... with a rootbeer shake of course...


Hi DCCF - Thanks for the rec - I'll add it my list! Those fries look good! Mahalo


I'm going to have to bring my wife here for the frito pie. When she was pregnant we use to pass the Weinerschnitzel in Hillcrest every day. At the time they had an advertisment for a frito pie which always caught our eye. One day one of those cravings came and she had a frito pie for four or five days straight! A bag of Fritos and Weinerschnitzel chili....I doubt that she will order it but it will be good for a "remember when...."


Hi Jack - Well Woodies has frito pie every day....memories are always a good thing. The food might not necessarily be how you remember, but those memories...well, are priceless!

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