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Thursday, 02 February 2006



Greek food is a mystery to me. I love it, but I can never tell the differnce between a gyro, gyro plate and souvlaki. It seems like every place does their own version of a "gyro", meaning some meat (beef, chicken, lamb or mix), various combos of onion/lettuce/tomatoes, tadziki sauce (hmm) and pita. Then its a matter of whether its wrapped in the pita, stuffed in a pita pocket, placed next to a cut up triangles of pita bread or placed on a pita. Hey, it all tastes the same but it would be nice if they could standardize the system. You know, like the Euro.

But all kidding aside, gyros and falafels are too good to pass up. If you're ever in Costa Mesa, there is a place by South Coast Plaza called "Greek Island Grill" which does a way better job than its chain counterpart thats across the street "Daphne's". Ok, this was looooong.


while we're on the topic : ), are the owners of the restaurant, Greek?


Hi MEalcentric - Usually there's no lettuce on a Gyro Sandwich, but for Beef & Chicken Souvlaki sanwiches, I've found that places do add lettuce. Go figure! Sort of like tacos I guess. I find Daphne's mediocre chain food. thanks for the rec - it's one of many I have from You and Elmo for OC!

Hi RONW - The two Gals that have been working recently seem to be either Greek or Eastern European.


Hi Kirk,

Looks like too much tzatziki on that souvlaki sandwich. The gyros sounded great though. =D


heya kirk that tzatziki sauce looks good. Pity about the bitter lettuce yuk. I guess if its the only one in that area then if you are craving for a gyros or something like that then well a bad one is better than nothing.


Hi Reid - Too much of everything, except beef on that sandwich.

Hi Rachel - That's the main reason this little pseudo-food court area is popular - convenience. The Gyros sandwich is really not bad.


Looks like what you get from a strip-mall greek restaurant, which it is. It's hard to find good Greek in San Diego.


Hi Jack - Yes, exactly......


I used to work there and the food is good i loved the chicken sublacki if thts how you spell it

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