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Sunday, 12 February 2006



Everything just looks lush. But now that you've mentioned there is a goat meat taco in biria de chivo I'm going to be dreaming of that now :)

clare eats

See those tacos look good!I wont show them to case or he will too jealous ;)


Kirk, I always love reading your blog because I learn something new! I've never ordered tacos al pastor or de cabeza because I never knew what they were, but now that I do, I think I'll give the al pastor a try. I don't know, something about eating beef cheeks doesn't sit right with me! Maybe I'll get more adventurous over time :)


Hi Rachel - These were just simple, small tacos, pretty good stuff though!

Hi Clare - No Montezuma's Revenge in site.


Hi Joan - Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad that my posts are of some use. I did get a chuckle when I read: "something about eating beef cheeks doesn't sit right with me!" ;o) La Cabeza can be a real acquired taste.

clare eats

Do you like chillies relleno (?sp)
I know one place that has it and I loooovvvveee it


Oh man that looks good, especially the stewed goat - a far cry from what you'll find at taco stands back home!


Hi Clare - You like Chili Relleno's, huh? I'm really picky about eating them, because many places do a very bad job making them, and the Rellenos end up being very greasy. I'll make sure to grab one soon and post it, just for you!

Hi Kathy - I don't think there's much of this "back home", but i'd still trade it for Yummy, Gina's, Rainbows, or even Zippy's!


kirk, thanks for the info on the Lebanese thing... i guess subliminally i've always wondered about the similarites between al pastor and lebanese style shaved gyros, but you've cleared up all doubts now... thanks bro

now, i can free up some of that limited RAM in my brain for something else really insignificant

BTW, i love mex food, but i still can't do the brains, guts or head thing... scares the shit outta me, i'm weak like that... is there something out there that you're afraid of trying?


Hi DCCF - Well I do draw the line at Sesos(Brain), the loop of "mad cow, mad cow, mad cow..." goes off in my brain. I'm not a great fan of organ meats, in fact I hate beef liver and kidney. In that vein(no pun intended), I'm also not a big fan of blood, or intestines. Some La Cabeza is pretty heinous stuff. But I was lucky to have Ed from Yuma to guide me through all these types of meat. Good Cabeza tastes like a very condensed beef, it's soooo delici-yoso!!!


Looks like a great taco find Kirk.


Hi Jack - Looks like there are a bunch of taco shops in the area - it'll take me a while to try them all.


Hi Kirk,

Cheap! I wish I could get a pretty good taco for that price. All I could probably get is Taco Bell, which I don't eat anyway. I wish there was a Del Taco here. Much better.


Hi Reid - You know, I've never, ever been to a Del Taco! Even though there's one down the street.


Hi Kirk,

My Okusan and I are interested in your opinion of Chuey's in Barrio Logan. We love the posole but the service seems a little inconsistant. What do you think? Keep up the great work! I think we're hooked on your website!


Hi J.P. - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You know, I've never been to Chuey's, nor many of the other great Restaurants in Barrio Logan like Las Cuatro Milpas or Porkyland - I hope to get to them all one day! As for Posole, I'm not much of an expert - my Buddy Ed from Yuma is more of an expert in that area. If you've got any recommendations please let me know. I appreciate the kind words and please keep commenting!

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