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Thursday, 09 February 2006


clare eats

That is an expensive satay stick!
I LOVE Duck noodle soup so I would have ordered the Same as the Missus :)


I keep wanting to order the duck soup but they're always taking the sign down right as I get there!

Saffron and Gelato Vero are pretty much the reasons why I moved to Mission Hills. I think El Pollo Loco is 10x better than the Saffron rotisserie chicken, but other things on their menu like Drunken Noodles and Dirty Rice are outstanding.


Funny thing about Saffron. I see it everytime I go to India Street and ALWAYS want to try it but I can't bring myself to because I'm in love with the Garden Grill next door (best and cheapest mediterranean food!). One day I'll just have to eat both places!!!


mmm yummy the chicken looked a bit dry though, especially the expensive skewer. Thats the same price I paid in New York for a chicken skewer! And that sucked majorly too, having been raw on the inside


I've been disappointed with the dryness of Saffron's chicken. The wings and legs are sometimes almost petrified! I do love their Pad See-Ew though, I think it's the crispy shallots!


I have a like/hate relationship w\Saffron. We lived very close to the place and it was a convenient place to pick up a quick dinner (if you could find parking). I'm a thigh guy so no probs on dryness there....chicken, rice w/ peanut and siracha sauce...yum. Like the cucumber salad. Noodles were ok. I don't really care for their generic broth. The daily specials can be very good. My wife once got a chicken sate that was totally unedible...completely dried out. She sure does have a business though.


I'm kind of disappointed with Saffron also. I'm mostly talking about the roast chicken. I don't remember having problems with dryness since I got the thigh & leg, but it seemed that the chicken was almost completely unseasoned -- not even salt. Very strange.

The noodle soups are OK, but I don't like them nearly as much as the many pho places around SD.

I do *love* Gelato Vero right next door though!

Gypsy Jan

Ohh boy, are you spot on.

The food is not great, but good enough, fairly priced and close to the freeway if you are hungry and need something that isn't McNasty.


Does anyone remember when Doodleburger was open where Saffron Noodles is currently? Now that was a great burger and fries!


Hi Clare - Probably the most expensive Sate I've ever had!

Hi noromdiam - I can see moving for Gelato Vero. Saffron has a nice "vibe" and the sevice is really efficient, but the food.....

Hi Kady - Funny you should mention the Garden Grill....a post is coming up very soon!

Hi Rachel - I guess I should count my blessings that the chicken was fully cooked I guess!

Hi Candice - The Pad See Eew wasn't the worst I ever had, though portion size was very small!

Hi Jack - We always laughed at the Sriracha, you can get just as good from a bottle - and if you wanted extra sauce(and believe me, sometimes you needed it), they charged you another 75 cents for it! I love Su Mei Yu's "personality", but I think I'll make some stuff from Her cookbook and compare!

Hi Howie - The chicken without the sauces are very bland!

Hi Gypsy Jan - If you put it in those terms, maybe it is priced right. But $14+ for a bland rotisserie chicken? hmmmmm......

Hey Jack - Doodleburger? I would had alot of fun with that name!


kirky! Thanks for adding me on your list. I am very much honoured! Hope you find a much better thai place with great chicken :)


Your post brought back memories of duck soup from Amarin Thai in Monterey. So rich I would order it only once every couple months - and co-workers would always give me one of those looks and say something like "You eat duck soup? I thought it was just a Marx Bros. movie." Anyway, too back the missus soup missed the mark. By the way, I've been going through mmm-yoso withdrawals the last couple of days; reading this blog is one of the good parts of the morning.


I love Saffron, but I only get the drunken noodles or any of the curries that they have on special. Half of saffron's appeal is the price and quickness of getting your meal.


wow, kirk ... to give a place 3 chances, you're pretty open minded...

i'm pretty shallow, i'm more like one and done, unless i find out i ordered the wrong thing or the waitress was a dead ringer for Jessica Alba or something.. ha ha


oh my goodness, i'm so glad you've experienced the good cookbook, eh restaurant phenomenon too. i've had that happen more than a couple of times with certain hawaiian chefs who shall not be named. i think it's a combination of mediocre ingredients, incompetent/impatient/inattentive underlings, and the general need to get food out to the customer in a hurry that can make a good recipe go bad.


Can you believe that, .75 for Sriracha? No thanks, I've got plenty in the cabinet! I just re-read your entry and you are spot-on in your take on the place.


Hi Rachel - Actually, I need to apologize for taking so darn long to update my "list"!

Hi Ed - Hope all is going well for you! I guess duck soup is really not "duck soup" to make????

Hi Tracina - Welcome back! I think it's the fast and efficient service.

Hi DCCF - I don't think it's shallow, it's just your standards! LOL!

Hi santos - Actually, I've experienced probably experienced the same for several cookbooks/restaurants.

Hey Jack - Isn't that funny? You get 2 whole little containers of sauce with a whole chicken!


Sorry--I'll quit posting but I'm obsessed with all the food pics!! It seems all the good food are in San Diego. When you and Missus visit Vegas again, try
6360 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV And the next time you guys visit Lotus of Siam, you've got to try the coconut ice cream dessert--it is TO DIE FOR!! I have it BEFORE the main course because my taste buds are shot after eating all the spicy foods...LOL.


Hello Daly - No, not all the food in San Diego is good. And you have LOS! We usually do end our meal with mango and sticky rice and coconut ice cream. I like it that you use it as an appetizer, the Missus might go for that. I'll definitely put Archi's Thai Kitchen on my list for Vegas. No need to quit commenting, I enjoy your comments!


i had their other noodles and they were terrible too! they use some strange concoction of watered down flavors. i don't know why it gets good reviews.

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