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Sunday, 05 February 2006



Hi Nail Secrets - Thanks for the recommendations. We used to live in LA and visited Westminster and the surrounding locales quite often. I think I've been to Quan Hy on Bolsa before. I'll keep your recommendations in mind if/when we visit the area again.


Hey! I'm glad you liked it! I was a bit worried it wouldn't live up to your exacting standards. :)

I always get the "tai" (rare beef) pho, and the egg rolls that come with mint and lettuce.

I'm glad you got a chance to visit the World Market as well--I love that place. They have great produce and really cheap and fresh seafood.

My friend and I are also fans of Ba Ren (in fact that's how we found your blog) and the other day we tried the twice-cooked fish on your recommendation--it was awesome. June (my friend) is Chinese and so she asked the waiter if many people order that--he said yes, but mostly Americans! But even she liked it, though she said that twice-cooked pork is more traditional.


Hi Jenne - You know that twice cooked fish used to be on a table placard in Chinese, but not on the regular menu. After we did a Chowhound thing I actually indicated which item it was on the placard, and Wendy, one of the Owners used to laugh when people used to bring a print out of the post and point to the item they wanted. Twice Cooked Pork, Beef Boiled in Hot Sauce, Dry Cooked Beef(Gan Bian Niu Rou Si), are just some of the 56 cooking methods and 23 flavors of Sichuan Cooking...but I'm just going on and on here! I enoyed te Bun Bo Hue at Pho Ca Dao, and I really don't think my standards are really that high, are they? :o) Thanks again for the recommendation!


I eat Bun Bo quite often with my vietnamese friend, and this one looks good. You should put a bunch of cabbage in the hot broth. The heat will soften it up and cook it slightly and then you just eat it with your soup.


Hi Kate - Welcome fellow Bun Bo Hue lover...I'm sure that you've seen that I have an entire category devoted to Bun Bo Hue:

And I'm sure your friend has steered you toward two of the better Bun Bo Hue places in San Diego, Hoai Hue Deli and Mien Trung. I have a specific approach to most of my soups, be it Bun Bo Hue, Pho, or just about anything else. I always taste the broth first, without adding anything to it...after all how can you really taste what the broth is supposed to taste like. I do add the cabbage, and such, usually after I take my photos.


absolutely love pho ca dao--great food, friendly waitstaff, good prices and LOCAL. it's a favorite spot i drag my teenager to when i'm craving pho (he doesn't like pho so gets the steamed rice and bbq chicken plate which is also good).

i'm also stuck in the beef soup rut and haven't tried anything else (other than their egg rolls), so i'm looking forward to giving the bun bo hue a try. based on the photos, it looks scrumptious.


Hi Caligirl - Welcome, and thanks for commenting. Give the Bun Bo Hue a try, the broth is a bit more savory than other versions.


nothin' beats pho for breakfast esp. since i've been cravin' it for as long as i could remember. its the breakfast of champions!

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