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Sunday, 05 February 2006



I like the broths at Ca Dao a lot too, but like you mentioned, the consistency of the meat is probably their main drawback. I've had times when their tendon has been really hard too. Still, the soup is delicious, and sometimes I don't care about eating the meat.

It's funny how each of the pho places have their strong points.


Sigh. You make me miss my grandmother's cooking. Every Saturday night at her home would be some kind of Vietnamese speciality...but my favorite evenings were Bun Bo Hue! I'm glad you had a good meal though, the color of the soup looks so rich and satisfying! As for the cabbage? I'm used to putting a large clump in the bottom of the bowl before adding the noodles and pouring the soup on top. Not sure if that's the correct way, but that's what I've been taught!

Passionate Eater

Ha ha, that "loooong" piece of brisket could mean good luck this year! Extra long noodles symbolize "longevity" in Chinese culture (namely for New Year's celebrations), but because it is still the beginning of the year, and it was a noodle dish, I'd say that this means you'll be one lucky fellow this year!

By the way, I showed my beau all my favorite food blogs (your's included), and he gave you an "A+" for pictures!


Hi Howie - Funny thing, I had Bun Bo Hue at the Mira Mesa branch, and it was different - too bad I didn't bring my camera - the tendon was lousy too! But the three times at the ECB branch I've had great tendon - and the broth for the Bun Bo Hue is really good - if you can handle the fermented shrimp paste.

Hi Kathy - Thanks, for the instuction - the first time I got cabbage with Bun Bo Hue, I really didn't know what to do. Do you have blood with your Bun Bo Hue?

Hi PE - Geeez, thanks. But there are so many food blogs with excellent photos. The best advice I've ever gotten was from Reid at Ono Kine Grindz...."just point and shoot"! So maybe there'll be alot of brisket for me this year? LOL!

clare eats

That is soooo mean.... I have been exercisingand I am Hungrey. Not Fair! :) :)


Hi Kirk,

Wow the food looks good here and so cheap. I'm hungry for some pho now. *sigh*


Wow I have never tried bun bo hue before but your description made me really curious about it. I would hold the blood too I think if I chanced upon a restaurant in Sydney that had it.
Again the noodles seem different to the ones in vietnamese soups here, more like round laksa noodles, rather than thin and flat like pad thai type.
I am so glad you found a great new eatery *rejoice* looks like the queues were worth it.


Once again, a great post...

By the way, do you "hide" your camera when you are taking pictures? Is anyone (the staff, etc.) put off when you whip your camera out and snap away?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE your posts and read your blog daily (as you can tell from my post)! Just wondering how you deal with the gawking element as you snap away...

What are you tasting?,


Hi Kirk. We went to Ca Dao about 3 weeks ago...looked crowded because of the laundry people and it being a Saturday and all, but since the tables are sort of shared, they had a place for two at the end of a table holding another couple and a family of 4.
I thought the cabbage was given with Ga (chicken based pho broths) least it was at Pho Hoa Hiep..

One *other* pho place you may want to try is Bolsaa. Its in the mall across the street from Convoy Noodle House. The fried egg rolls are small, but mostly meat and no fillers and the broths are very rich...(Bo bun hue is $5.50/$6.50) .. I usually crave just a Bun with no broth (salad) with grilled pork and/or egg rolls... and while in that mall, there is always the Tofu House, which is not vegetarian, but might like it there...the rice dishes are quite nice- the brown rice is purple and the white rice is pretty much brown.Hahaha! you'll see.


Hi Clare - Then I guess you've earned your calories!

Hi Reid - Prices are about the norm for San Diego. The Bun Bo Hue was very good.

Hi Edna - I'm very discreet, and almost never use a flash. If someone freaks out, I won't take photos. If I think I'm going to do a post, I try not to go when a restaurant is too busy.

Hi Cathy - Hmmm thanks for the info. But Pho Hoa Hiep serves the cabbage with their Bun Bo Hue - which they say is spicy beef soup...I've been to both Bolsaa(I get a kick over the two 'aa's having lived in LA and frequented Westminster and Bolsa Ave), but not since I started posting. We went to Tofu house just two weeks ago - I enjoy the Bi Bim Bap - they call it rice in hot stone bowl, but it's really dark and so photos don't come out - I love the little basket of eggs they serve on every table! BTW, there's a "hidden" Bun Bo Hue place on ECB, with signage that I just heard about - I'll be chacking that place out soon! Oh, and the Missus enjoys Bun Tom Cha Gio, but usually during the summer!



Oh this the Bun Bo Hue looks great! The broth...*sigh* :)


Hi Mills - Double **sigh** was quite good!


I love pho! We usually go to Saigon on El Cajon Blvd., but I'm always open to new places. Haven't tried bun bo hue yet- I usually get so overwhelmed by the selection at Vietnamese restaurants that I always go back to my old standbys :)


Man, I was craving pho this weekend but I went against my better judgment and ordered a cold bun bo dish. Really a disapoint as I watched my friend slurp of his pho. Then I come to your site and see another reminder of my mistake. uh! Well, looks like I gotta make another trip and do it right.


Hi Joan - Once you have a "rotation" set, it can be hard to break away. And of course there is the Vietnamese Menu Overload that occurs when trying to determine which of the 250 items to order!

Hi MEalcentric - I'm sure you'll make up for he oversight! Also, I'm looking forward to a recommendation for Bun Bo Hue in OC.


Guess where I am eating this week?


Hi Jack - L&L? Ha! LOL!


Well then Kirk, if the broth is worth a double sigh, I am tacking it on as one of the places tro eat if I ever get down there. ;P :)


Hi Mills - I really like the broth for the Bun Bo Hue, until I find something better that is.....

nail secrets

Kirk, try "Bun Bo Hue Gia Ho" or "Quan Hy" in OC. "Quan Hy" is little bit more expensive.

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