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Wednesday, 22 February 2006


clare eats

I would be very, very scary if I was let loose in there. Wow. I wish our markets where like this!


Hi Clare - Mitsuwa in San Diego, though not a grand as their other outlets, does have enough to keep you busy.


I think I prefer the bento boxes at Nijiya a little better also. I was also happy to find that they carry my favorite red bean popsicle (Fubuki brand), which means I don't have to suffer the crowds at Ranch 99 just for a popsicle.

I love all the little ceramic items at Mitsuwa.



The mitsuwa in San Diego looks a lot bigger than the one here. I don't think we have the sake aclove. The Mitsuwa used to be Yaohan, and a bookstore used to be located inside the grocery store. Now the bookstore has moved out, and I haven't been back to see what they have placed there. There is a section with Japanese stationary, and another for videos, movies, and art supplies inside Mitsuwa...Hmmm I think will have to take a trip there sometime this week. :)


Hi Kirk,
This reminds me of Marukai back home! Have do they compare?


Hi Kirk,
This reminds me of Marukai back home! Good old bentos! How do these markets compare? (sorry for the double posting - accidently hit the "post" button too soon!)



Ah, Mitsuwa. I remember getting mochi ice cream a few times here. Some good stuff there. But like you mentioned they're a lil' pricier compared to Nijiya.
That sake alcove is quite decent. Do you have a favorite Sochu or Nihonshuu Kirk? Otokoyama was a good one I was able to find in San Diego.


Before I knew there was a 99 Ranch Market in SD I was going to Mitsuwa. It's a cute market but lacks a lot of ingredients I like to buy. My husband has bought a few t-shirts at one of those side stores. Those are fun. That's definitely the best part of Mitsuwa.

Btw, what's Unagi Chirashi? I love unagi but haven't heard the term Chirashi.

Passionate Eater

I can't believe that I am going to write this, but that market actually looks "beautiful!" For some reason, I am reminded of a Japanese Supermarket my family used to frequent when we lived in Seattle. I think that it was called Wagyama. My favorite section was definitely the "non-food" section, where we could purchase Hello Kitty items, and the best (oh, they were durable) cooking instruments this side of the Mississippi!

Thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane!


Hi Howie - Yep, 99 Ranch for a popsicle would be alot of work. But, I've done the same...... I do enjoy the bentos at Nijiya more.

Hi Mills - Actually all Mitsuwa's used to be Yaohans. You should see the Mitsuwa Marketplaces in LA!

Hi Kathy - No local kine stuff at Mitsuwa, and very Japanese.

Hi James - I love Otokoyama - in fact Sam from Sammy Sushi used to call me Otokoyama instead of Kirk! LOL! I also enjoy Kubota, and Momokawa Silver, and Suishin, and......Sochuu is evil stuff! I never remember actually drinking it! ;o)

Hi Kady - Chirashi-Zushi means something like "scattered sushi", it ingredients for sushi arranged over sushi rice.

Hi PE - I'm glad I'm able to provide some enjoyment for you. It's very gratifying.


Hi, Kirk--I really appreciate getting to see Mitzuwa (and, indirectly, Nijiya) from your point of view. I have enjoyed both of them, but I have to say that I too prefer Nijiya. Somehow I like the *feel* of the place better.

I need to get to know more about tsukemono. Back when I lived in Seattle, I wandered into Uwajimaya market to discover they were doing a tsukemono event--samples of literally dozens of different pickled things. Erm, golly, some of them do come in some pretty bodacious colors, don't they? Like far out psychedelic, man. :-) Anyway, I enjoyed them quite a bit.


Hi mizducky - Yes, I guess some of the colors of tsukemono are kind of "groovy". :o)



Really? I was wondering if Yaohans all turned into Mitsuwa's, but never really looked to see if it was true. Hmmm Learn something new every day! I would love to see Mitsuwa's in L.A....But then again I love shopping. ;P


aww, your mitsuwa looks so much prettier than ours. the little tokyo one is in need of a major facelift!


Hi Mills - Yes, I know you love shopping......

Hi Pam - I think the Mitsuwa in Little Tokyo still looks better then the San Diego branch.....FWIW


I love Mitsuwa!!


Hi April - Thanks for commenting! Exploring Mitsuwa sure can be alot of fun.


Please send coupons and sales price updates.


June- you can walk inside the San Diego one and as you are near the cash registers, to the far right is a table where you can sign up to be on a mailing list. There are new sales and prices every weekend...its a large fold out mailer and the San Diego store has different sales than the Torrence store or Little Tokyo store. Its a fascinating mailer with color photos.


Hi Cathy - Thanks for helping June out - I missed Her comment for some reason!

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