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Sunday, 26 February 2006



It was either the heat or the or the unusual flavor combo. This was definately authentic nada!


who puts lemon and bean sprouts in their wonton soup?? But at those prices who cares! wow that is truly amazing! Comming close to singapore hawker centre prices but not quite yet ;) Looks like a great bargain, and perhaps a great place for soup lovers. That combination roast meat with rice looked to die for!!! *droool*


Hi Rachel - I don't know! I found it quite odd.

Joseph E

My wife and I went there for dinner tonight after reading this post; we live in Normal Heights, so even mediocre food seemed worthwhile with a short trip and low prices.

It turns out Ly's offers a different menu for dinner. I was disappointed to find no "Three Meats with Steamed rice" or Pho or other lunch items. As menu fatigue set in and our very helpful waiter returned a second time for our order, we took refuge in the $13.50 two-person special: sweet & sour pork, beef & broccoli, egg rolls and egg drop soup. I can't recommend it over any other americanized Chinese food, but on the other hand, it was better than many places that charge twice as much. Most of the dinner soups and main dishes are around $5 to $7 for generous portions; I'm full and we only ate half of what we were served.

We were also surpised look of the place; white tablecloths and linen napkins and uniformed, attentive waiters are not often found at $20 a person in San Diego. If I ever need a huge banquet hall on the cheap, this might be the place.


Hi Joseph E - Thanks for the info. I had never had dinner at Ly's so didn't know. Soprry if it was a disappointing experience for you. Was it just $13.50 for both of you?
That's like Panda Express....

Joseph E

Hi Kirk - Actually, we were not at all disappointed; it wasn't bad. And yes, that's $13.50 for the both of us! We had the leftovers last night; quite good with some changes to the sweet/sour balance and some spice added.


Hi Joseph E - Thanks, well, that makes me feel better. I'd feel really bad if the info I provided had led you to a bad meal. And geeez $13.50.....

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