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Sunday, 26 February 2006



Whoa! And I thought that Fishball Noodle House I like in Rowland Heights was cheap! Excellent find Kirk. This one's definitely going on my list the next time I go down to SD.


Hi Kirk!
my, the images look good enough to eat..especially your plate after the broth.

and i agree , they are cheap!


You tried spicy city? it's in the same shopping center as china max. China Max didn't really do it for me. But I've been to spicy city a few times and enjoyed it.


Hi Elmo - Don't know if it worth your time when visiting SD, unless you really want some cheap eats.

Hi Thess - This is the cheapest WonTon Soup I've had to date.

Hi Tokyo - ChinaMax and Spicy City are two diffeent types of cuisine. Spicy City is Beijing-style Sichuan, and is quite good. We used to be very regular customers, but now refuse to eat there for reasons I won't go into. China Max is Hong Kong Seafood; much milder in taste, where the key is fresh ingredients and cooking technique.


$2.75 for porridge? Thats unbelievable. At those prices, who cares if the food it hit or miss.


Those shrimp and chive dumplings look delicious. I love reading your posts. It makes me wish I lived closer to the city of San Diego and not up in the boondocks called North County.

I'm curious--what's your favorite Chinese restaurant?


Hi MEalcentric - I know what you mean - what can you get for under 3 bucks nowadays? You comment did remind me to indicate that prices were a buck more expensive during dinner in bold.

Hi Kady - Without question, it's Ba Ren -
We also enjoy China Max, and Pearl for Dim Sum -
Among others.....


Wow! Less than $3 for a bowl of porridge? That is a great deal. The food looks pretty good too.

The only other $3 meals I get regularly are bahn mi and bean & cheese burritos.


Chee! So it wasn't spectacular but I'd be going back pretty often from $3 lunches. Congrats on your "find" - it always feels good to discover a bargin!


Hi Howie - Pretty pedestrian fare, but I guess if you put it that way......gotta go during lunch though!

Hi Kathy - I guess if I'm in the area during lunch, I'll probably drop by again, though there's so much to explore in the area.


That sounds totally up my ally! Especially the prices! But, I thought you were going for Chinese? Isn't this pretty much Vietnamese? Or is it a fusion? I'm in a state of confusion! Or is it just a delusion of my choosin'...


Uh-oh, She's Baaaack! LOL! Welcome back Jo. Ly's Chef is from Hong Kong, and they make both Pho' and Chinese BBQ - go figure! It's a Vietnamese/Chinese Restaurant - we have many of them here.


::grinning:: Thank you! Won't be for long I'm afraid. This is just a short lull in the storm. Anyway, I guess this would be what you call true fusion? ::wink::

Speaking of fusion, I made a pretty interesting pot of chicken & rice tonight. I used Mexican spices, American ingredients, and Thai methodology. The result? HOT! I sauteed a couple of dried chilis negro with cumin seed, a couple onions, and nearly an entire head of garlic. When it was getting a tad soft I added a can of stewed tomatoes and allowed it to reduce. When done, I pureed the whole. Then I browned the chicken, set it aside with chunks of zukes, carrots, & celery. Browned the rice, then threw everything into a pot with an appropriate amount of water. The result was pretty tasty. I had to laugh because my son-in-law broke into a sweat eating it. Mike couldn't finish his, Dee couldn't finish hers... Guess who like it and ate almost all of it? ROBBY! I was shocked. Oh yea, I ate all of mine too. I thought it was pretty darn tasty!


Hi Jo - Also, I think many pf the people working at Ly's are Cambodian. But the food is cheap and the service is good - you really can't complain.


Cambodian? No kidding. Is Cambodian food VERY different from Vietnamese? I can eat nearly anything if the service is good and the price is good.



Sounds good to me! Wish we had something like that here! :)


So when are you sending that over here? Hmmm???


Hi Jo & Mills - Not to get myself in any trouble, but Cambodian food does differ, but has the same influences as many types of SE Asian food, but has many of their own dishes - I've had it only once. Cambodian Cuisine also differs from Khmer Cuisine. There's a Cambodian/Khmer restaurant in town that I'll be trying soon.


::laughing:: It ain't going your way soon! Everyone else tossed theirs without eating more than a few bites. Only Robby & I ate it and poor Robby got sick a little later on. I was told, in no uncertain terms, NEVER to attempt such a dish again. ::grinning:: However, Mike did tell me I did all my chili-head buds proud by both the prep AND the consumption. The stuff was hot as blazes!


Great find Kirk. Looks great and you can't beat the prices.


Hi Jo - So the heat killed them?

Hi Jack - Go for lunch, I think it's worth the price. Not great, and very uneven food, but how can you complain at under 3 bucks?

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