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Monday, 27 February 2006



Hmm, sounds like "Ly's" was better than "Lee's"...LOL! BTW, I love the shingled pagoda style roof they've got going on.


i'm still waiting for the review on "Li's" Garden...


Hi Pam - Can you believe that these two restaurants are just down a block from each other? Talk about confusion.

Hi DCCF - You have to go Huntington Beach for that one:
LI's Restaurant
8961 Adams Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
But if you want Li's Garden you'll have to go a bit further:
Li's Garden
219 County Route 57
Phoenix, NY 13135
Sounds like you could make a career of this if you want! LOL!


DCCF - come to think of it - you can go to any L&L - it stands for Lee & Lee....hehehe!


Hi Kirk - We go to Lee's Garden during lobster season and feast. The lobsters are cheap enough to get one per person - stir fried with ginger and scallions.


That fish dish sounds exactly like my favorite dish at Capital Seafood in Rowland Heights...looks the same too...too bad this one doesn't sound like it floated your boat.

Next time your up in the 99 Ranch Plaza on Nogales Rd., be sure to try Capital Seafood...too bad it's not called Li's.

Passionate Eater

Awwww! That weathered and battered sign and wrinkly menu made me feel real sad for some reason. It makes me think that Lee's was the first Chinese (or "Oriental" as they called in back in the day) restaurant in town.

Also, I know what the Missus means about the "more-shells-than-meat" phenomenon. I think that they pick out the meat in the back and say to themselves while laughing, "I wonder if they'll notice we just gave those people shells only?"


Hi Candice - Thanks for the tip! I'll remember it, for possible future consumption.

Hi Elmo - Capitol Seafood, eh? I've actually eaten there once.....well I guess it'll be twice!

Hi PE - LOL! You should see some of the other Chinese Restaurants in San Diego! The aging facade seems to almost say that the restaurant had seen better days..... Leave it to the Missus to get right to the point!


I haven't been here in years. I do remember the lobsters though...pretty yummy


Hey Jack - Well that's the great thing about comments - I now know - it's about the lobsters.....

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