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Tuesday, 21 February 2006



i found your site out of the blue when i googled looking for asian food. x] and then i just googled image dim sum and it linked me to your site! lols your site makes me hungry everytime i come by. haha but i like your site! =] good food to eat down in san diego. and i wanted to try the pad thai recipe you created! great site!! thanks!! =]


The wor won ton soup picture could have been a ".... how many canned items can you find in this bowl?"


Whoops, I wasn't ready to post yet. You can't say they are skimpy with their ingredients in the soup. Have you ever had the bbq that's cooked up in front of Keil's during the summer time? That's in the same center right?


Hi Debbie - Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. If you do attempt the pad thai, please let me know how it turns out!

Hi Jack - The smoker outside Keil's is usually there from Memorial Day through Labor Day. They use apple wood to smoke all the meats. i like the tri-tip for beef salads, but I think the ribs are terrible. The Missus loves the smoked corn.



This is one of the reasons I am so leary about war wont ton soup. I rearely order this, and usually will only eat it when home made. Hrml Does that make me sound like I snob? ;P


Hi Mills - You, a snob? Never! LOL!


LOL! kirk, i ALWAYS think those wontons look like tiny, preserved brains floating in my soup, too, but i've never said it out loud because you know, don't wanna make anyone who' eating with me all nauseated.

i just suck them down and pretend like i'm a gourmet cannibal.


Hi Sarah - LOL! I've gotten some really funny comments about something looking like it came out of the guys stomach in Alien, and another lamb shank looking like a burnt I thought I'd just beat them to it this time. Ha!

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