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Wednesday, 01 February 2006



hmmm... the steak prices are high compared to the type of dishes you showed online... I would have expected a little more Ruth Chris type of dish....

Just a thought!

What are you tasting?,


Hi Mills - If you have enough hungry people to finish a rib roast....

Hi Edna - I don't think I undetstand what you're saying - A petit Filet Ala Carte at Ruths Chris was about $23, without any other side dishes, which is the same price of the entire 22oz prime rib meal, including salad and starch - what in the world would make you think this is "prime" quality???? It was darn good though. But be realistic...


Sorry, I guess I have been getting spoiled here on the East coast. And you are right, you can't get out of Ruth Chris for under $40 per person.

The cuts look great from Bullys, just put off by the salad, burger option and your comment about the sides. However, I like your approach of only ordering the meat and skipping the apps. Good Move!



Hi Edna - I guess I was on a mission here. I feel that I get my money's worth here.


Hi Kirk,

I don't often eat prime rib for reasons I won't go into here, but it sounds great and it's such a good bargain.

I won't eat steaks, or prime rib, at Ruth Chris'. Too expensive.


Hi Reid - Every once in a while, I enjoy a decent prime rib. Ruths Chris, Flemings, Morton's, et al have excellent beef, and high prices.....



True enough...Although you could get a small three bone roast, and invite your closes hungriest relatives or friends. ;P


Hi Mills - Friends? You think I have friends? :o)


I've tried Bully's a few times and I think their prime rib is terrible. It's too fatty and never comes out the right tempurature for me. The sides are completely bland. I'm not going to waste my money there anymore.


Hi Jack - Your right about the sides...they are pretty bland and dated. But I think the Prime Rib is worth the price....let's see, what's in the price range of $28.95??? Well Black Angus is like about $22-24 for a 16oz cut, at least that's what the website says, haven't been to one in years...who knows how much Claim Jumper costs - like $30, and talk about fatty, tough, and served at wrong temp. I do enjoy the prime rib at Flemings, Ruth's Chris, etc....but I think Bully' is priced right for what it is.

Patti Gwinn

Bully's EAST does have the best prime rib in San Diego County at a reasonable price. Bully's Del Mar is TERRIBLE. I understand Bully's Del Mar has a different owner as does Bully's La Jolla. I don't know anything about the one in La Jolla except that it has the same owner as Bully's Del Mar. bully's Del Mar prime rib was not even eatable. Even after sending it bacd for another one the second one was just as bad. HOWEVER BULLY'S EAST IS FANTASTIC AND HAS HAD THE SAME OWNER SINCE I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL YEARS AND YEARS AGO. IT IS A MUST IF YOU WANT PRIME RIB.


Hi Kirk,
I know this is an old posting, but I couldn't think of a more appropriate place to post this. The great thing about Bully's East is that they are open late. But at one time the place formerly named "The Butcher Shop" on Broadway in Chula Vista use to have an open kitchen until 1 AM THU-SAT. Since the economic slow down, they have cut their hours down, changed owners, remodeled, and changed names, but the last time I went the food was still pretty good. I know you go down to Chula Vista for Tacos, and you aren't a big steak person; but one day, I'd love to hear what you think of the place.


Hey RCLC - Is "The Butcher Shop" in CV, the same as the Kearney Mesa location..... they look like they've been there forever. I love steaks, but truth be told, I prefer spending my money on buying good steaks and making them myself. I even used to order from Lobel's before it cost a mortgage payment to get a good porterhouse. I'll try to check them out if I'm ever in hte mood!


Hi Kirk,
I believe they started under the same family, as they started under the same name, but they had to change their name from Butcher Shop to "Butcher Shop Steak House" due to some legal matters with the Kearney Mesa location, but those of us here in Chula Vista still know it by its old name.

I understand what you are saying about getting good steak and cooking it @ home; same good steak, for a much lower price. I do the same myself, but when I can afford to go out now a days and want some good steak, the place hits the spot. Plus I don't have to drive north past the 54 :)

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