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Wednesday, 01 February 2006



I remember Bully's East. My folks used to take me there a few times back in high school. I did remember the sides being a bit flat back then too, but the meat was quite nice. I've never gone to the Bully's West in La Jolla though.

My folks don't go to Bully's anymore for some reason. If they go for steak it tends to be Fat City, another decent steak joint.


Hi James - Haven't heard from you in a while - good to have you back! Fat City Steakhouse is on my list, I heard they had a Korean style steak that's supposed to be pretty good.


Mmmm. Steak. I love Ruth Chris' but haven't been there in YEARS... since 1998?!!! No dessert? ;)


Your post made me crave for prime rib! I have never been to Bully's, now I have to try it, there's one in Del Mar also.


Wow your pic has made me crave a nice juicy steak big time!! That looks medium rare to perfecti-yoso!!! I love ranch dressing and that salad looked nice and fresh. Glad you got your hit when you needed it. Your body must have been craving iron :) Nothing better than a perfectly cooked steak. Pity about the sides but probably everyone who goes there has the same idea as you - there for the beef, just the beef and nothing but the beef. No Bull.


Bully's is definitely old-school 70's...many memories of going there on Friday nights with family. For those low-carb types, there is a salad on the menu, forgot the name, that is a reasonably priced steak salad which is very good. Your post has got my juices flowing. It's a good thing that we are going out for some beef tomorrow.


I used to eat a fair amount of prime rib in restaurants - after all, I can make a steak at home that's better than damn near any steak I've ever had in a restaurant. I grew up eating really good prime rib that were properly roasted, but that is almost unavailable these days. Nowadays, almost all prime rib is not prime and then is pre-cooked to rare and then heated up and finished to the diner's specs. This rib roast product is (imho) not half as good in taste and texture to the real thing. So my question is, did they ask you how you wanted it (rare, well done, etc) or did they tell you how it was cooked at the time?


Yup, been busy workin on my classes, keepin' the kids awake!

Korean-style steak? I think I saw that on the menu there. Fat City's meat is quite nice and tasty. Only meal I didn't care for there was the drunk steak, it was just a weee bit too much sodium for my tastes.
I love the interior of the place tho, the 30's style and the proximity to the bay give it a good atmosphere. Plus sometimes Mr. Fat himself comes by the place to see how things are going.


I have been thinking of trying both Bully's and Fat City. We always end up at Flemings (across the street), they have a Prime Rib special (Sudays only), great deal!


Hi Kristy - Ruth's Chris is good!

Hi Noromdiam - It's pretty good old school prime rib.

Hi Rachel - No Bull....LOL! It was a perfect medium rare for me.

Hi Jack - Yep, old school! The prices are pretty reasonable.

Hi ed - Well, I just about never get steak - unless it's a top line steak house. I can get prime steak at Iowa Meat farms and cook it better then any restaurant, except top of the line steak houses, that use a 3 step process, sear on the stove, bring to doneness in the oven(for thick cuts), and finish in a 40,000BTU infra-red salamander. That said, it just be the two of us, if I made a prime rib roast, we'd never finish it before gout set in. I don't think you'll get "prime" for about $1/oz, so didn't assume it was prime. I had been thinking about the "reheating" process - but there are three distinct characteristics that give it away:
1) A slight rainbow colored sheen, and a slight brown hue where it don't belong.
2) The juices from the rib will also have a brownish hue. This rib had blood.......
3) The reheating process, makes the meat tougher, this was fork tender.

They did tell me that "well done" would mean cooking the prime rib - but who in their right mind would order that piece of tasteless rubber? They did ask me if I wanted Rare, Medium Rare, or Medium. Do they reheat? Maybe, but I couldn't tell.

Hi James - I'll make sure to drop by Fat City. Hope to hear from you more often!

Hi Rob - I only really like the prime rib at Bully's, Fleming's are ahead on quality. But believe it or not, I can finish off 2 of their prime rib dinners!


Meat good!


That's an interesting point about the reheating. It takes a few hours to cook a prime rib. They must just oook it and hold it at temperature for a while. I've done this before, but for less than an hour.

Still the hunk of meat you had looked pretty tasty. Too bad I'm still on my diet....


kirk, my stomach just growled when i saw that beautiful shot of the prime rib. haha. i'm serious.


It always makes me so hungry when I read your posts! We have yet to make it to Bully's, although we live relatively close. I'll have to remember it for the next time I'm craving some prime rib.


Hi Elmo - Man you crack me up!!!

Hi Howie - Is that the low carb chicken feet diet? LOL!

Hey EDBM - It was a pretty good piece of prime rib!

Hi Joan - I think Bully's is worth a try; the prices are reasonable.


That sounds like real rib roast - which is a good thing. The fact that they said that they would have to cook it more to make it well is a good sign.

The last real prime rib I had was on vacation a couple of years ago and I saw it as a special. When I enquired the waitperson apologized that all they had left was one piece that was well done. Not my favorite (I prefer anything from rare to medium), but it was actually good.

Bully's is probably large enough and sells enough rib to have roasts going. There is one expensive place in Monterey that has one prime rib roast each night - first come first served and when they're out they're out - that I may try on my next visit up there. Anyway, loving the blog (obviously). Thanks again for all the work!


Hi Ed - Bully's is just reasonable good un-prime, prime rib. Seems like most people were eating prime rib the night we went, and the place was packed to the gills.


Oh I want prime rib. The last time I had was at Christmas and I want some NOW!


Hi Mills - Just Xmas - I really hadn't has decent prime rib in a few years!!!


Yeah, at Christmas Dad made prime rib, with a horseradish rub, and oh my goodness it was so worth it, and it just melted in your mouth....Sometimes the only way to get good prime rib is to make it yourself. :)

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