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Saturday, 28 January 2006



Dear Kirk and Missus,

Zhu ni xin nian kuai le, wan shi ru yi, long ma jing shen !!

Ha you probably will need your missus help with understanding that! Oh I want some yummy chinese new year food !


Xi nian kuai le! May your 2006 be full of wonderful food :)



I'm drooling. Every one of those photographs makes me feel like breaking my low-carb diet - I'm counting down the months until I expect to be able to put on my skinny jeans and go out for dim sum.


Lots of chinese dim sum is LOW CARB. Look at the first dish for example, it has a thin little skin of made of flour and the rest of the dumpling is meat, seafood, egg.

You can do Chinese on Low Carb. As a matter a fact I believe the reason that asian people are thin because they eat low carb.

When you go to dim sum, eat dumplings with thin skins, barbecue meets, tofu, and veggies...



Happy New years Kirk, a little belated. :)

Gigolo Kitty


Happy New Year! GK & exploited staff wishes everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year.



I'll play. Looks like maybe from Jasmine. Actually not many dim sum places around any more...

Happy New Year.


Hi Rachel - Happy Chinese New Year to you!

Hi Kathy - I hope Yours' is as well.

Hi Amanda - I hope you get your Dim Sum soon!

Hi Joanna - I never really gave low carb or any carb much - though thanks for the info....

Hi Mills - Same to you.

Hi GK - Hope GK has a great New Year!

Hi Cathy - Sorry, nope! Thanks for commenting.


Hey, Kirk and Everybody! Happy Chinese New Year!

Are the pics from China Max?

By the way, the ultimate low-carb dim sum is chicken feet!


Hi Kirk,

Happy Chinese New Year to you and the missus.

So tell me, where was the dim sum from?


Hi Howie - I'm guessing you probably eat too much dim sum for your own good. LOL! Yes, it's China Max. BTW, isn't alot of sugar used to make chicken feet?

Hi Reid - Thanks, same back at ya'. The restaurant is China Max.


Hi Kirk - I'm a day late but Happy New Year! Hope it's another year of delicious food for you and your family!


Ah, I've not been to China Max...when it opened it was too crowded and then after a few reviews...and when I get into the area and am hungry and there is no parking...well, theres the Convoy Noodle House just across the street and Chopstix one parking lot over, and the Dumpling Inn and...well...I get diverted.


"BTW, isn't alot of sugar used to make chicken feet?"

Hmmm...maybe this is why my special chicken feet diet is not working...


Hi Candice - Happy Chinese New Year to you!

Hi Cathy - It's quite easy to get distracted/diverted on Convoy.

Hi Howie - How about tripe???? LOL!


Happy Lunar New Year! :) Mmm...mmm...delicious!


Hi Kristy - Same to you!


yummy, wow, it looks so good!! i just got back from hawaii, haven't craved dim sum yet... i miss cheap dim sum!!


Hi Annie - Welcome back! Hope to read about your eating adventures "back home".

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