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Tuesday, 31 January 2006




The wonton soup looks awesome! I usually don't like wonton soup, but your looks delicious!


ohhhh boy do those look so good! I love the great step by step instructions and photos. LOL I love how you make a test wonton coz I do that too! And with marinated skewers like satay etc I make a test one and nuke it :) hooray for guinea pig portions. It also makes you lots hungrier and you make the rest of it faster :P


Hi Kirk,

I love won ton soup. I just wish I could have some that look as good as yours does.

Great job!


Hi Mills - this was pretty easy, and kinda fast. The Missus sure does fold won tons fast.

Hi Rachel - Yes, the old test the dumpling step is very important.

Hi Reid - Don't be modest. Your won tons would look fabulous, and you know it!


Kirk, those wontons look so nice and plump! Man, my mouth is watering.

Karen M

OMG, I have to have wontons now! But... what is shao tsing? Thanks!



Those wont tons looks great. Usually I dont like the broth or sometimes its the wontons themselves, but that looks and sound great.


I do the test thing too, and yes it makes it harder to make the others fast enough.

Karen M

Shao Tsing, Xiao Xing etc etc (romanization is quite tricky for me) is a Chinese cooking wine.



Thinking about it I probably should have let you answer this, before I answered considering it is your blog. I am sorry if I offended you, if not then carry on. :P :)


Those look scrumptious! Kudos to you for making these...someday, I will have the patience to do this myself...did I ever mention that your wife is a lucky woman!


Hi MEalcentric - Thanks, but no big deal, just simple won tons....

Hi Karen - Welcome, and thanks for commenting! I think the actual spelling should be Shaoxing - named after a region in China. It's chinese rice wine, but we use the type for cooking not drinking. You can substitute Dry Sherry, in fact, that's what many Older Chinese Cookbooks recommend, because it was harder to get Shaoxing.

Hi Mills - No problemo! The "test" sample makes for a better end result.

Hi Elmo - The Missus is the one who did all the folding, so she should get much of the credit. I just mixed the ingredients and cooked them!


Thanks for the "article on the Legal Rights of Photographers" link. I've been wondering about that for a while. Enjoy your yummy looking wontons.


OH MY! These look so delicious! It's almost 7:30pm and I still haven't eaten dinner yet! :( Your blog is making me crave for some won tons!!! EEK! ;)


Wow, these look so professional! Mine always end up kind of sad looking.

Passionate Eater

Kirk, your post made me cry! You are so sweet! And forget about wontons--it is you who is "tons of fun!" ;D

Thank you for the lovely post. Also, thank you for making wontons! They truly look mmm-yoso!! I was supposed to put up a recipe for wontons quite a while ago, but looking at your pictures, I'm glad that you beat me to it!

And, I'm glad that you are "stickin' to your guns," or "sticking to your New Year's Resolutions," namely, to eat in more and eat out less! Those home cooked beauties sure beat the looks of wontons that I get at restaurants!

Please send my hearty praise to the Missus, for gettin' the job done and bargain down those hard-liners (aka, the 99 Ranch Mkt butchers).


mmm! i gotta try and make some wontons! i actually just ordered some to-go wontons from sam woo last night.

thanks for the post re: taking photos in public. i haven't been reprimanded by anyone for taking pics yet, but at least i know i'm somewhat protected!


Hi Kady - I did think the article was interesting. Though there are still alot of "grey" areas.

Hi Kristy - LOL! Better get something to eat - must keep yourself energized!!!

Hi Howie - It's the work of the Missus. She can crank them out really quick.

Hi PE - Hope your hand is getting better, and you're able to post again soon! And yes, the Missus is my "enforcer"! LOL!

Hi Pam - I'm sure your(or George the Gastro-nomes, LOL!) Won Tons will be great, and the story even better! I do have a photo story from a few months back, that I'll post soon. I didn't know that I had so much leeway.


Looks delici-yoso Kirk!


Hi Jack - It was.....


I love your website, i was googling Pad thai and landed on yours. You're the best.

By the way, what camera/lens do u use?


Hi Nancy - Thanks for the very kind words. I use a Panasonic FX-7 ultracompact. Not a great camera by any means, but very portable. I guess after using it for a year I tend to notice the limitations more than the advantages. But it's very compact, about the size of an iPod and has optical imaging stabilization. But still, low light situations are a challenge. I understand that the FX8 has a setting for "food", but I'm still searching for an ultracompact that will work under low light situations.

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