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Sunday, 15 January 2006



Kirk, I was waiting for a comment about the "pungency" factor- you didn't disappoint! That's the one thing my husband and I always joke about when stepping into an Asian market. He always says it makes him feel like he's travelled to another country :)


I've only been to Viet Dong once on a weekday to get some dungeness crab after finding out that 99 Ranch was completely out. I remember Viet Dong being strangely empty, and I had to catch my own crab...having to walk around the slippery floor and dipping my hand in the cold water was not fun.

clare eats

I still can't get over just how HUGE your markets are!!!


Hi Joan - Yes, we really can;t forget the pungency factor, can't we! LOL!

Hi noromdiam - You had to catch your own crab! Really! geez. I've had my share of indifferent service here; but it's on par with the lousy service at 99 Ranch Market and Seafood City.

Hi Clare - There are even more of these huge Ethnic Supermarkets in San Diego.


Hey kirk ! Loved you taking us along with you on your morning shop again. It is quite amazing to find a place that sells virtually a whole pig. Wonder what they would use the snouts for? Also, couldn't really identify some of the strange produce. Except the middle one I believe is water chestnut which is excellent in dumplings for that extra "crunch factor" and makes the pork sweeter tasting.


Hi Rachel - You know what? I really don't know what they use the snouts for either....As for the produce; the top photo is Yuca(cassava), of which I purchased a few to make Yuca Con Mojo, and the bottom is a type of Eggplant; well, I believe is a type of eggplant, since it was right next to the green Thai Eggplant and other eggplants....

Passionate Eater

I've only been to the Vien Dong Supermarket in El Monte, but I'm always amazed by the Costco-sized portions inside the store.

Also, you *always* have to watch out for old Asian ladies with shopping carts. Otherwise, you may walk out of the store with bruises all over your ankles and legs.

I enjoyed your great post! It allowed me to visually enjoy the shopping experience without having to brave the overwhelming shopping crowd!


Wondeful DOG candy?? Hmm...yeah, sounds like Sammy and Frankie might not like those. LOL! And I love beating the crowds at markets and stores too!


I really like going to Vien Dong because as you said, they also service the hispanic and filipino community. It's one stop shopping for a lot of items.


LOL Kirk ! I guess no one can say that you have lost your mojo. And even if you did you could always make some more :)


Hi PE - I have slight "phobia" with regards to Old Ladies and shopping carts.

Hi Kristy - I guess it depends on what the candy is made of.....

Hi Jack - I guess you shop there alot?

Hi Rachel - LOL! Yoso-pun-ny!


do sell clams? how much by the pound?


Do you sell clams? How much by the pound? Do you sell Oysters fresh? How much by the pound?


Hi Jen - I'm trying to understand your question. I believe you're asking if Vien Dong has clams and oysters, right? At least that's what I thought. So on the way home I stopped by just to see; and there were Manila Clams for $3.79/lb; but they looked terrible - you're better off at 99 Ranch Market. No oysters, but the live frogs looked good though! I'm just glad you didn't ask if I had "crabs". LOL!

Nguyen thi Tan (Diệu Tuyền)

Chúng tôi muốn order một loại ham
chay của Mỹ Có tên là MEATLESS CHICHKEN STYLE loại 4bls mỗi cây,
bao màu trắng đục, dài 2 tất 1/2.
bên trong màu trắng. không phải sản xuất tại Đài Loan, mà sản xuất tại Ohio hay vùng nào khác tại Mỹ, để mua cúng dường cho các
chùa và tăng ni. Xin qúy vị cho biết, có lọai ham chay nầy tại bổn tiệm hay không, và bao nhiều tiền một cây dẻ chúng tôi có thể order
và gửi về Pensylvania, tổn phí như thế nào ?. Chân thành cảm ơn.

Nguyen thi Tan (Diệu Tuyền)

We would like to order the AMERICAN MEATLESS CHICKEN STYLE
4bls each roll. 2.5 dm long, cover by white color plastic bag, ham inside white color as the white chicken meat, not product of
Taiwan, they are product of some company in USA (0HIO) ?
Thank you very much.


Hi Nguyen thi Tan - I've forwarded your comments to someone who I think can help!


i was asking on craiglist for a source for live tilapia and they suggested viien dong market...we have sourced ranch 99 but the fish were in poor condition and did not survive....


Just noticed this post and comments. Vien Dong serves a couple of purposes for our house:

My wife is from Philly, so when it's cheesesteak time, I stop at K Sandwiches for hoagie rolls (closest thing to East Coast I've found) then head to Vien Dong for peppers, onions, Cheez Whiz, and boneless ribeye roast, often on sale at around $4.50/lb.

Being from the mid-Atlantic seaboard, the wife and I crave steamed blue crabs, and occasionally Vien Dong sells the larger ones at about $4.00/lb. By the way, noromdiam (maidmoron?) the shellfish section usually offers tongs for self-crabbing.

Anyway, I know that 99 Ranch has the same stuff, but it's a farther drive for me, so unless I'm shopping *hard*, I'm a confirmed Vien Donger. Plus, VD is around the corner from Pho Hoa Hiep... and so the world spins in greased grooves...


Hi Ray - Yes, give Vien Dong and maybe Lucky Seafood a try.

Hi Omar - Nice variety of produce at Vien Dong as well as the "Deli". Since you seem to be working your way through all of our are a few Vien Dong updates:

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