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Sunday, 08 January 2006



OH yea, you definately gotta do the carnitas. My fav stall food is Nachos de Carnitas con extra crema. oh yea... ::smiles gently as eyes go glassy::

clare eats

MMM they look yummy!


What are Asada and Al pastor again? Those things do look yummy wish I could try some :P~
Thanks for the pics and great descriptions kirk ! I can just about picture it.


Hi Jo - We'll soon see - a Friend has told me that the best part is the "maciza", right under the rib.

Hi Clare - These little stands make the best tacos.

Hi Rachel - Carne Asada is usually marinated and grilled beef. Al Pastor is (sometimes) marinated and dry rubbed pork, grilled on a verticle spit(like gyros). It's really delici-yoso!!!


The al pastor does look good. Try the buche sometime. When I've had it, it has a nice light chew texture and almost a bacony taste. It is pork stomach, not tripe.


The fruit and juice stall near the grocer is quite good as well. Agua de sandía, mmmm.


Hi Kirk!
You're teaching us so much about Mexican food! I've never even heared of tripas or buche in tacos till now. Can't wait till you post on tamales, mmm.


Hi Ed - Okay i'll try some buche in the near future!

Hi Chris - Thanks for the tip. we passed the stall on our way in and out. They looked like they were closing up. A nice refreshing drink would be an excellent way to end a meal.

Hi Kathy - Actually, I'm learning as I go along. So much more then carne asada out there.


One reason they might not have sour cream: You won't be able to tell the difference between their droppings and the milky colored crema.


Those Al Pastors look SPiiiiiCY!


Hi Elmo - Actually sour cream(whatever the source!) would've ruined the tacos. The Al Pastor wasn't really "hot", more of a bit spicy, but very moist!


Hi Kirk,

$1.16! *sigh* I can't believe it....too good to be true!


Hi Reid - The prices are really good here!


Hi Kirk,
thanks for the pictures. They look good. What hours do they open?
Can't wait to go.


Hi Didi - You know what? I really don't know..... but we usually will get there at like 10 am or so. If you like exploring, you'll have fun here!

Joseph E

Carnitas Michoacan? Kirk, did you ever go back to that stall? I know you recommended it once on Chowhound. I'd love to hear what you thought of it.


Hi JosephE - I did once, forgot my camera, and the place was a zoo! I'll have to go back early one morning, when I can get some of the better cuts.

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