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Monday, 23 January 2006



Hi Kirk,

Gosh, everything looks wonderful. I'm dying for some of that khao neow ma-muang (sticky rice with mango). It's one of my favorite Thai desserts. That fish curry looks almost like haw mok pla and it looks good and spicy!

clare eats

onreaal grinds li dat are to da max.


I need some or all of the above right now!


"Eat them right away - they're Delici-yoso!!!" --not too quickly otherwise the molten interior sticks to the roof of your mouth and burns your skin off. How do I know you ask? Really really painful experience.

Man, those pictures bring back great memories of thailand. I need to start planning another vacation over there.


Oh my! These two posts are really tantalizing! Especially so because it's hard to find really good Thai food down here.

I haven't had a good papaya salad since I visited Thailand a couple of years ago. I couldn't believe the difference in the mango they use in Thailand also. It's much sweeter and softer than the Latin American mangoes that are more typical here. But the one in your photo looks pretty darn good. Maybe they import from Asia?



Everything looks so yummy! Oh the sticky rice and mango...*swoon* I need Thai food!


reviewing outdoor food stalls could spin-off a blog of its own....don't you think? Weather permitting.


One of my closest friends (who is in LA) has told me about this place numerous times. Now that I've read your posts and seen pics I'm dying to go. That papaya salad and chicken satay looks good. I wonder if they have my favorite: tom yum koong?


This all looks so delicious. Sounds like there is something worth going to LA for!


Hi Reid - The mango was perfectly ripe and rice so evenly flavored. The fish curry was just plain amazing!

Hi Clare - So Ono, broke da' mouth la' dat!

Hi Jack - I could really get used to eating here.

Hi MEalcentric - Thanks for the reminder, I made sure to mention it in the post!

Hi Howie - I was pretty surprised at how good the mango was as well. I really don't know where they got it from, but it was very good.

Hi Mills - The food here is quite good!

Hi RONW - Yes, it could. Between the food stalls here, and the food stalls in the San Diego Farmers Market there are at least 20+ posts. But I'd be pretty fat at the end!

Hi Kady - There are two stalls serving Soup and Noodles, most were having either noodle soup or porridge, but I wouldn't be surprised if one, or both of them have Tom Yum Koong. I'd been waiting to visit here for a few years, and it really lived up to expectations.

Hi norodiam - There are more then a few items worth driving to LA for. Though maybe not too often!


May I say seething with sheer jealously? lol. I'm glad the long ride paid off in dividends!


Hi Kathy - Wat Thai is closer to you, then to me! You may want to visit there one weekend!


Really great photos and descriptions kirk. Love the step by step photos on how the lady made the kanom krok :) Mmm why am I reading your posts around dinner time again?
BTW fried banana is really yummy but beware the iside as banana seems to retain heat pretty well.
Y'know in dentistry they actually have a name for burning the roof of the mouth with hot food??? Its known as pizza burn :)


Well, that just about does one should ever need to post about Wat Thai Temple again...this was the definitive post.

Oh what am I saying?! I could never hear enough about the Wat Thai Temple...just one of those things that's awesome about L.A.


Hi Rachel - It's really great to have you as a "resource" ragarding all things "dental". LOL!

Hi Elmo - What are you saying is right! 100 food bloggers could post about Wat Thai, and they would all be different and interesting. :o)


Looks awesome. Next time I'm in LA I'm hitting that up.


Kirk, I'm drooling over here, and I just finished lunch! Your photos are so great, and I love the step by step descriptions you provide- it's almost like being there! Your post has made me add Wat Thai to my "must visit" list- thanks!


Hi JS - Wat Thai is definitely worth a visit. I just don't know what took me so long.....

Hi Joan - Thank you very much. Taking photos at Wat Thai was so easy, really just aim and shoot. I guess if I really took my time, my photos would've been better; but I was soooo hungry!


Oh for the love of God! Kirk, I'm green with envy just looking at these images! That Khao Neeo Mamuang/ Sticky Rice with Mango makes me salivate the most *excuse me* :D , if I show this to my husband, he'l go nuts as well

and that Kanom Krok is also a favorite!

oh man! oh man! where to find them here? :-(


Hi Thess - This was the first time I've ever had Kanom Krok, and I know it won't be the last. LOL!

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