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Tuesday, 17 January 2006


jon o

Finally tried Ba Ren last night... wow! So good. Thanks for all the hard work on your blog, love it.


Hi JonO - Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal. Actually we were at Ba Ren last night as well, so I may have seen you!


Ba Ren - what a great place! Their take on ma-la brings up a Pavlovian response within me. No bells - give me the chilies and Sichuan peppercorns instead, please. This is one of my personal favorites in San Diego. I'll have to try the twice-cooked fish next time, if I can force myself away from ordering either the mapo tofu or water-boiled something or other ;)


Hi Ed - Glad you enjoy Ba Ren. It is very had to move away from your favorites.....


Did someone say dry fried beef???? Kirk, I just sent you an email about this so ignore it unless you know of other szechuan restaurants that serve this dish. The Mister and I will be heading over to Ba Ren this weekend! From the picture, I am curious if the fried beef is very crispy, like old tradition. Guess I will find out soon! Oh, I can't stomach is growling now...

Will definitely have to try the cold szechuan noodles since it looks a lot like the kind my auntie used to make. Can't wait...hungry now...

Bill Turner

I had dinner at BA-REN, San Diego and it was fantastic. The other Chinese eateries fall short in the area. Your truly has had food this good since I flew with the Flying Tigers before World War 11.


Hi Bill - Wow, the Flying Tigers! I'm glad you enjoyed your meal.

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