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Tuesday, 17 January 2006


Gypsy Jan

Your blog inspires me to try new places.

I appreciate your focus on the ehtnic choices available in the San Diego area.

My husband loves filipino cuisine, your reviews lead us to good food.



First of all, congratulations on your 200th..or 201st post! I always look forward to your next post and wonder what will be coming next.

I know you consider yourself only a "food eater" but your blog is as informative, educational and entertaining as any of the San Diego food columns that I read. Anyone can write about a good meal that was had at Pampalmousse, George's, Arterra, etc. But where will you find someone describing the search for the perfect loco moco? :)

As for running out of restaurants, I think there will always be good ones out there. Most places make at least one good sometimes great thing. Your mission, Mr. Phelps, should you decide to accept it, is to find these places and dishes they make and report back to us....

Thanks Kirk!

clare eats

Congrats Kirk!!!!

I hope you don't run out of restaurants and I hope that the turn over of bad restaurants will always give you plenty more restaurants to try out and blog about :)


Yaay!! Congratulations kirk on reaching 201 !!! :) I think I only joined your following last september or thereabouts, hence it may surprise you to know that I haven't actually read your previous reviews of ba ren. It looks like a really yummy place. I don't get to have much sichuan cuisine but I can just about imagine the flavours you describe :)
I have to say that your humour and the variety to which you approach your posts is what makes me look forward to reading your blog daily. Cheers to your blog going on ! Even if you do run out of restaurants, there is always that biiiig pile of cookbooks you could start using and posting your attempts on :)


Ba Ren continues to amaze me. Even with your list of good dishes, there are several that I've enjoyed a lot that aren't on the list. Many places have one or two dishes that a person settles on, but Ba Ren does so many things well. And it sure was fun to go there with you, mizducky, and of course Gayla. Wow! What food, what company.


Wow! 201 posts? I don't even think I've hit my #100. We'll see what it's about. lol! Anyhow, I'm not a food critic or food writer either...I like it. I'm a "Food Eater!" =) I'm starting to like some spicier dishes, but boy...does my stomach not like me afterwards. LOL! Those prawns look absolutely yummy! Can't wait for lunch!


Hi Gypsy Jan - Thanks for the kind words as well as the Holiday Greetings you Emailed me.

Hi Jack - I hope it's not "Mission Impossible". LOL!

Hi Clare - Thanks so much! Number 200 sure snuck up on me.....

Hi Rachel - Ba Ren really delivers the goods. Thanks for reminding me about that pile of cookbooks - sheesh....

Hi Ed - I've actually not mentioned some of the dishes at Ba Ren on purpose - there are a few special items that I'm saving for later....another Ba Ren Again Post!

Hi Kristy - Funny thing is; no one in my family can/could tolerate very spicy food. But for me, this type of Sichuan was "Love at first bite".


200! I wish I knew about your blog earlier - going to start reaching the archives now :) Those pictures are mouthwatering, espcially the chilis on the chicken. Ohhh, sweet and spicy, my favorite combo.


CONGRATULATIONS KIRK! HUGZ :) As you know I love reading your blog, and not to mention having an awesome time with you when you visited. :)


Congratulations on reaching the 200th post! I know I've said it before, but I think your blog is the handiest reference to eating in San Diego.

Ba Ren is definitely a fitting subject for an anniversary post.

My current favorites are:

-- that pumpkin-like squash filled with spicy pork
-- spicy boiled fish
-- la tsao la (I probably spelled that wrong)

Kirk probably knows better, but I think that last dish translates to "spicy stir-fry spicy-style" and it certainly lives up to its name. Little pork and tofu mixed up with lots of hot green peppers. It's actually hot enough that it pushes into masochism territory. The nicest thing about this dish is that when I order it, no one else at the table will eat it, so I get it all to myself :)


Hi Kathy - I'm quite surprised that post 200 came up so quickly.

Hi Mills - I'm hoping to "hook up" again sometime soon!

Hi Howie - Thanks for the kind words; but I gotta admit, I get alot of tips from you as well! Actually if we're talking about the same "squash" dish - there are times when we need to give a 3 hour advance notice; so I'm saving that post for another day, along with the Malaguo(hot pot).



Well we will have to "catch" each other at a good time for a visit. :)

Passionate Eater

I totally agree with Jack! Mmm-Yoso!!! is my favorite food blog--and that is saying a lot, because I read many incredible food blogs.

Unfortunately, I only found you when you were already in the hundreds (of posts). But as long as I get internet, I will continue to read your site, along with my other daily reads, like CNN, MSNBC, and etc. Congratulations on your 201th post, and I look forward to the next 200!

Take care Kirk!


Hey kirk ... just holding you to your resolutions, ya know like we're supposed to? *wink*


Hi Mills - i'll let you know when I'm going to be in the "neighborhood".

Hi PE - Awwww geez, thanks! BTW, I always look forward to your comments. :o)

Hi Rachel - Thanks for your concern, LOL!



Congratulations and keep plugging away at it. I'm still in awe by how often you eat out! =)

The food here looks amazing and I'm really hoping to hook up with you when I visit California in either late Feb or early March.


Hi Reid - Thanks!


Congratulations on posting 200! I love reading your blog and am amazed by your output. We're lucky to have you here in San Diego.


I took a bunch of people there last night and they loved it. I am now their chinese food hero thanks to you :) BTW, did give credit, hopefully they'll stop by and look over your other recs.


Hi logovo - No thank you, for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, believe me, it very gratifying.

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