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Thursday, 12 January 2006



hahah! I wanna see you do the delici-yoso dance! ;)


Hi Kristy - The delici-yoso dance truly belongs to Ed. I could never duplicate it. It comes from "deep within", and the spontaneity could never be duplicated!


I haven't been here in ages. It sounds like nothing has changed...good food at good prices. Have you had a apple fritter at the donut shop? They use to be enormous. Again, it has been a long time since I've been there.


I swear that lamb looks like someone's hand!
But the can hardly go wrong with a big slab of feta :)


"Sometimes, no, change that to many times, some really good eats can be had in one of those little neighborhood diners....."

That's how things work if someone is there to mind the store or the kitchen. Once the restaurant develops a reputation by word of mouth and they certainly deserve all the due credit but then all too frequently the next phase sets in where the food and service takes a dive.


Maybe we can have a video of Ed (or Eds hand) doing a delici-yoso dance. I, like kristy also thought you could perform the dance since the delici-yoso phrase was coined by you :)
Hehe I think I'd get along with your missus as time and again my hubby has caught me making "meat sandwiches" putting things between my meat. Yes I agree that overall the restaurant looks very good value.


Hi Jack - I did notice the Donut Shop, but did not partake.

Hi Kathy - You're right, it does. I didn't notice that until you mentioned it.

Hi RONW - Yes, it is really sad when a place "jumps the shark". But Olympic Cafe has been around for quite a while.

Hi Rachel - I'd love to have a picture of the dance. But it's really spontaneous, you never know when it's going to happen. The dance is the sole domain of Ed, I just named it.

Passionate Eater

Kirk, one of my co-workers who has two kids who went to UCSD just told me that this week, there is a San Diego-wide event similar to San Francisco's Dine About Town (, where you can get affordable prix fixe meals at some of the San Diego's finest restaurants. Just wanted to give you and the Missus a heads-up, in case you are interested.


Hi PE - I think you mentioning restaurant week. A very nice event.


Diners with lots of Greek specialties on the menu make me all nostalgic for my hometown in the New York metro area, where there are tons of Greek-run diners. There was one my family used to go to all the time whose standard dinners could feed about three longshoremen each. But I don't recall any of them putting that huge a wad of feta on top of a salad--that's pretty darn impressive. (Making a note to check this place out...)


Hi mizducky - The food here is a pretty good value for the price.


Hi Kirk,

Interesting selection of food -- gyros and grilled cheese. Maybe the can make a grilled pita with cheese and gyros? Just kidding.

The salad, with that hunk of cheese on top, looks quite good as does that souvlaki. Mmmm.

BTW...I just had Greek food too....


Hi Reid - The souvlaki was very tasty. The menu is quite interesting; Liver and Onions on one hand, and Chicken Kabob on the other.


Just want to second that the donut place has pretty good fritters. Oh, and you might like the roasted chicken at this cafe, but my favorite is the gyros plate.


Hi logovo - Thanks for your comments and recommendation! We'll definitely give that donut place a shot.

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