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Tuesday, 03 January 2006



::rolls eyes and shakes head laughing:: Kirk, you should have seen us eating these "cake" things. They were stuffed with honey and sesame seeds. We're sitting in the car, I'm tearing one in half and it's pitch black. I see this shiny stuff and thinking, "Oh, this is kind of pretty and shiny, wonder what it is?" THEN I realize what it is, is a LIQUID that is DRIPPING all over! Oh man, where they ever delicious. Mills, tell him more about them!!!


Hi Jo - Sounds delici-yoso!!!


Hi, Thanks for the recipe...I'm a Filipina chick who has a pure okinawan mother-in-law" to be.... I wanna cook something she and I can actually eat... I hope my nishime will turn out good like yours! Thanks a lot for the recipe:-)


Hi Dems - Please let me know how it turns out, and feel free to Email me with any questions. Most versions don't have the rolled and tied Kombu(Kombu Maki), just the Kombu tied in knots. Good Luck!

Susan Murotake

Oysheee! Thanks for sharing that, Kirk. My mother-in-law usually makes it for us for New Years, and we make the sushi, but she is bed-ridden this year, and I want to surprise her with it, but haven't ever made it by myself before.. thank you so much!


Hi Susan - Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. Please remember to taste along the way to adjust flavoring. I hope your Mother In Law gets better, and best wishes for a fantastic New Year!


I'm planning to write a post about nishime on my blog and came across yours for an explanation. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to add a link to your blog. You've done such an excellent job of describing it.


Hi Kay - I'm flattered, and would be honored. I like your blog as well, so I hope you don't mind if I create a link.

Jane S.

Your pictures say a 1000 words!!! Thanks for the recipe as I am scouring the internet for a good traditional recipe. My mother makes it all the time but w/o any measurements! FYI, I found what looks like your exact recipe on! Compliments to you! Happy holidays!!!


Hi Jane - Thanks for the kind words..... I admire that you're going through the trouble of making Nishime, it's not hard, but is somewhat labor intensive. I hope it turns out well for you.... and please remember to taste as you go along and make adjustments for your palate. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Liana M. Meheula

I make this every year on new years eve only..I love this my Japanese grandma told me it's too much work, however, I enjoy doing it and eating it's a must have for me on new years!


Traditions are a great thing Liana! Happy New Year!

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