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Thursday, 05 January 2006



Woohoo! I've got my own category now! I'm touched and honored.

The thing I like about Minh Ky is that the food tastes homey. It seems like something my mom would make (in the good way).

And, yes, the parking lot is terrible on the weekends. I usually park on the street a couple of blocks down.


Hi Kirk,

The food there looks pretty good, especially the won ton noodle. The prices seem great too... you look Korean? LOL!

clare eats

Casey saw that and decided we have it good for soup prices LOL

I can't wait to be back in Syd and get a decent asian meal!!!! Yippeee


::grins:: Yea Kirk, do you look Korean? Hey Mills! You ARE Korean... what's your opinion?


Hey Kirk, are you Korean?

Ha ha, just kidding! You (and Howie) just reminded me that I'm long overdue for some porridge and Chinese donuts. Yum!


Hi Howie - that's as good an endorsement as any - "Just like Mom used to make".

Hi Reid - Yes, the prices here are pretty reasonable.

Hi Clare - Sounds like you can eat alot of soup, for not alot on money in Sydney.

Hi Jo - It could be that I look Korean to Vietnamese??? LOL!

Hi Pam - Do I look Korean? Let's just say that I don't want to be an insult to all my Korean friends.....


::chuckles:: I don't know man... Ya got me on that one. Although, on a more sober note, there are certain very subtle differences in appearance. I personally notice it more in Euro types. Spainiards don't look quite like Italians who don't quite look like French, etc. The greater the distance between places, the greater the differences. ::ponders::


I don't know kirk!!! I haven't seen you yet :) I would like to say I can make a safe guess in looking and speaking to a person whether they were korean or japanese or chinese. The sad thing is most Australians especially out here in the country can't tell :) Most of them think Singapore is part of China too.
Anyway I think those are pretty good prices for soup. Not sure where Casey and Clare eat in Sydney as I'm a bit out of touch there. If you want a combination soup here at the thai-malaysian-chinese-australian (and thats proudly proclaimed on their signage too!) it is $8.80
But I agree with you Kirk, some mornings there is nothing like soup or jook to start the day :)


I adore jook. So does Dee. I flavor mine with a bit of chicken then add chopped boiled egg, green onions, and lemon juice. Lip smacking good particularly on cold mornings.


Hi Rachel - Jook is indeed comfort food - especially when it starts getting a bit cold.

Hi Jo - Yep, jook on cold mornings is really comforting - but sometimes after eating jook, you just want to go back to bed.....


HA! Ain't that the truth. Actually, that may be why I tend to like it best when I feel something coming on. The best way to kill something off is to put it to bed immediately and sleep it out. Starting the "nap" with a healthy, hot bowl of jook is perfection.

clare eats

except that he was working it out on what we pay in USD. I don't know about that LOL


Well Jo I think if I feel something comming on now I eat some kim chi. It will be enough to kill anything ;) Esp Kimchi chige which I think is a kimchi and pork hotpot with soup. So I'm sure you'll give it a whirl right?hehe *rubs hands in glee*


Hi Jo - Yep, nip it in the bud....

Hi Clare - I use to convert, and $4.75US, comes to $6.32, FWIW!

Hi Rachel - I thought it was really funny, when those articles came out saying that KimChee would prevent bird flu - guess I'll never get bird flu! LOL! Kim Chee cures everything. :o)


i am curious are the egg noddles chewy or mushy?


Hi lela - The egg noodles are a crunchy-chewy...mushy is a big no-no. Minh Ky is known for having pretty large portions relative to price.


i used to frequent minh ky until the waitress kept getting my order wrong. she also would insist that i "probably wouldn't like" something whenever i tried to order something new... so i stopped going there. i guess it was a mixed blessing since it forced me to venture out into other restaurants. their soups are/were by far the best they have to offer. always fresh and flavorful.


Hi Caligirl - Don't you hate when people say, "you no like....". There are a couple of places where I'll order the same item, but it's different everytime. It has become kind of a joke.


after a 5 year hiatus, ive recently come back to this cozy, hole in the wall. the soups have always been simple, yet good. i opted for the sate beef chow fun this time around... excellent

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