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Tuesday, 24 January 2006


clare eats

That is a really nice coloured broth, I much prefer itwhenthe broth is properly flavoured, otherwise Iam always thinking why am I having a soup for?


Kirk, I was peeking in here a few weeks ago when we too were going to Chopstix. It was the first time that I ever had to park in the back. The place had almost all of the tables full. It was one of those rainy nights where soup was the dinner of choice.


Well glad you found a good soup place! I am really into soups :) Although the guy said that there was no seafood in the broth, the way you described it made me think of some HK places having dried scallop or fish as a base for such a rich tasting broth. MMM I do love the crunchy egg noodles. Its not often that you find that over here *sigh* Its often the soggier or softer versions.


Hi Clare - Yes, the broth was nicely flavored, though the portion size was not very large.

Hi Jack - You know, I've never seen more then 6-7 people in here at any given time, and had been wondering how they were able to stay in business.

Hi Rachel - Maybe they are just "guarding their secret" broth formula! Soggy, overcooked egg noodles are terrible.


So. Hungry. Right. Now. =( Another hour before lunch...may sneak in a snack. Great photos!

Christine D.

Mm, i haven't had "Mi" or egg-noodle soup in at least a month! Maybe i'll ask my dad to make it tomorrow. Actually, that won't happen because I don't think we're gonna cook anything until Tet (New Year's).

Btw, why do you capitalize "KY?" I think it's supposed to be "Ky." You made me think of dirty things because I thought that you would say that the noodles were slippery as if they'd put KY Jelly in it!! HAHA sick...


Hi Kristy - LOL! If you have a snack i hope it's a good one.

Hi Christine - Hope school is going well. I actually edited and changed the name after doing a Yahoo search(didn't have the correct address), and that's how it's spelled:

So I changed all the spelling in my post to reflect that! Actually the full name of the restaurant is Luong Hai Ky Mi Gia!


The broth for the soups looks really delicious. I find a lot of the broths here are either bland or just ok, once in awhile you run into a place where the broth is flavorful. Sorry about the egg noodles.


I have never had the crunchy noodles! I am intrigued. :)


hmmm my comment has been lost to cyber space.


Nice looking broth Kirk. It is really a treat when you find a place with good broth.


Tell me more about the crunchy noodles.


LOL ok milly, these noodles are egg noodles as you know them : yellow and quite fine. And you use them in soups as well as stir noodles eg. not in soups but stired together with char siu or wan tons with char siu sauce. When you take a bite of them, the have a firmer texture than the normal noodles eg hokkien noodles. and because there are so many strands you are able to pick up at once bein quite fine, they have a unique "crunch" to them. Not crispy at all, by any means, almost al dente but a bit firmer than al dente :)

mmm i love noodles.



That sounds so good. I have to agree I love noodles way too much! LOL :)


Hi Mills - Yes, you're right! Most of the time the broth at these type of noodle places are just pretty much clear.

Hi Rachel - Well said! There is a nice slight crunch and pull to egg noodles that have been cooked correctly.


LOL on the Phil Collins!!!


Hi Pam - I heard that playing in the "loo" over a decade ago, and I still remember it! Strange how the mind works.....


Great Blog!

I just wanted to let you know what the mustard was for. If you put a little bit of mustard on the noodle dishes (not the soup, but the chow mein) it really enhances the flavor. Bon Appetit!


Hi Nancy - Thanks so much for commenting and the kind words as well. Wow, that's a new one to me, French's mustard, huh? Interesting.


Maybe you should try it one more time...


Hi Sean - Actually, I did, they were under new "management", I heard the former owner had passed away, and it was a whole new group of people I had never seen before. And the food was worse. Now I heard that the "old" crew is back, and the food is back to how it has maybe in the future????


Maybe I am biased, but having spent years traveling from city to city, I miss the food dearly. Throughout the transitions from one estate administrator to another, the original recipes (which contain secret ingredients) were manipulated. Now, the person who knew my father's recipes best is back in charge and whipping things back to their original standard. I hope your next visit will be more pleasant.


hmmmm well just to let u guys know the new management is under my half sister.....she took over the restraunt and no the food was not worse then tasted the same people say that it taste differant when my sister took over......well anyway cant belive it made it on here

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