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Wednesday, 11 January 2006



That conversation at the end was kind of wierd ... where was it from?
Mmm dining in Sand Diego lesson 101. Only dine at places Kirk recommends ... Yes I agree its scary when there are a plethora of a certain food stall. One is inclined to think they might all be the same. I had a bad experience getting a chicken kebab from one of the roadside vendors in New York. The chicken was cooked ont he outside and raw on the inside ... and it cost US $4.50 for the one stick. :( I kind of stayed away from pushcart vendors after that.


Hi Rachel - Sorry about that stuff that came rolling out of my head - it's from a movie waaaay back in the mid-eighties called Three Amigos. Four-Fifty for an uncooked chicken kabob, yuck!


Ahh, the "Vietnamese Menu Overload" - thanks for officially giving such situations a name!


lol I heard about the 3 amigos lary curly and moe but I can't say I've ever seen one of their movies. Do you recommend them? And I agree with Kathy you have coined a new phrase yaay!!


Hi Kathy - We always kinda freak out at Vietnemese Menus - you know, only 5 ingredients, listing every variation of those 5 ingredients! Sends my head swimming. 5x5x5x5x5.....

Hi Rachel - Ok, I'm really gonna show my age here. Three Amigos was a comedy starring Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short made in 1986....ummm I think you're talking about the 3 Stooges? That's even before MY time! LOL!


Three Amigos! One of the best comedies ever! As a young lad, the movie was the way I learned what "Plethora" meant. My first SAT word.

I also like the line where they don't know the meaning of the word "infamous".

And the "my little teacup" song.

And "son of a mother-less goat!"

I can go on and on!


Oh gads! Don't you babies need a nap or something?!?! ::laughs and rolls her eyes:: I suddenly have a need for my daughter to fix me a bowl of warm milk with an ensaimada soaked in it...


LOL Elmo! I must've been having flashbacks....
"Do you know what "nada" means?"
"Isn't that a light chicken gravy?"
And killing the Invisible Swordsman!

Hi Jo - Maybe Grandma, needs a nap? LOL! :o)

Clare Eats

I knew where it was from. Case said yay 3 amigos.

I have to say it is mean to complain that this restaurant was just like the plethora of taco stands. I want just one taco stand... *humph* :P

Passionate Eater

Nobody thinks that Kirk! I love it when you review taco shops! Plus, taco shops make San Diego "tick"!

I love the pictures! Even if the food tastes like garbage, if I get those portions, the food is worth it! Plus, the food looks visually attractive. I'd eat it.

As for your Three Amigos reference, that made me smile. I remember that movie pretty well. Probably not as well as you do, because I don't think I could quote from it like that, but I do remember the funny "canteen scene" when Martin Short had no water in his canteen, Steve Martin had sand, and Chevy Chase had a gushing waterfall in his canteen! Hilarious!


Hi Clare - So would you say you want "uno" taco stands...LOL!

Hi PE - It's really funny, I never knew that the movie was so "ingrained", after all it's not Airplane.....The portions at Lalo's are fine, but the food is nothing special. But not terrible.


LOL. Whenever I hear the word "plethora" I also hear it a la Three Amigos and in that heavy accent. That's where I learned the word from!

I don't think I could ever take a taco shop seriously that has such watery guacamole that doesn't even appear to have any real avos in it. Scary!


"vietnamese menu overload"...I love it.


alot of food for 5 bucks! sweet deal

too bad the gooey guacamole got in the way

i agree with you kirk..just some salsa and lime is all thats needed for a taco


Hi Beth - I guess I'm not the only one who hears this dialogue everytime "plethora" is used.

Hey Jack - I guess you know what I mean.....

Hi Bandini - there are just certain tacos that have no business being slathered in Guac, unless you're trying to hide something....


OH yea! a nap after my meal is perfect! Oh, and while you "kids" are all hyped on "plethora", you should also figure out the following:
1. how do you spell "asphyxiation"
2. the definition and proper use of:
a. cogitate
b. conundrum

Did I just use 3 big words? Yep, sure did! Time for a nap! ::toddles off to bed::


Hi Jo - Hope you didn't hurt yourself.....


I remember plethora was used in another movie, Sister Act, one student was making fun of another for dropping out of high school by saying (paraphrased) "I'm sure you'll have a plethora of options"

Anyway, I didn't like that movie much because it was a musical.


Hi b-boy - Wow, I don't remember that one.....

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