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Monday, 09 January 2006



Hi Dannielle - Wow, it sounds like Island Spice changed you life!


I have been searching for a Jamaican place that makes meat pies. Ya'll are calling them meat patties :) I have eaten them at Jamaican places in the hood in L.A but not sure where to find them here in SD. I have been craving them! Any help? Is this place good for the meat pies? I heard of a place possibly on University, anyone know about it? Thanks!


those food look so great, it makes me very hungry!!!!!!!


Hi Jeni - I've never tried the meat pies at Island Spice - they are on the menu though....I think $1.75.

Hi Sanalee - The food is quite good, and you may want to try Caribbean Taste as well.


anyone know where to find Jamaican beef patty in orange county? please let me know.

Bob Dylan

laylahs is open now =) and it is delicious really and truly. it beats any other jamaican spot hmmm as a matter of fact i might head down there now.


Hey Bob Dylan, or is it Eric Clapton, since you're talking about Laylah's. I sure hope that the Jamaican food is better than the patties....

David D

There is a Jamaicam place in Encinitas that sells awesome patties and authentic Ja food called Jamroc 101 Caribbean grill and it on Hwy 101 at Encinitas Blvd


That oxtail looks sooo goood, and what a deal, for 5.00...and then free? nice job! I am soo hungry right now with all that great food there. I found a site that offers a little history if interested,
It's always nice to learn something new about something that is influential on our cultures diet.


My family vacationed out in san diego last year on our way home we had the best jamacian food I have tasted !! We live in los angeles so there's a few but they don't compare to here try it!

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