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Wednesday, 18 January 2006


Professor Salt

Great story, Kirk.

I love these kind of old time butcher shops, they're a dying breed. How's this place compare to Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad? I rather like the smoked meat selection at Tip Top.


Hi Kirk!

lol. that's about the happiest burger I've ever seen. Now only if I could take a bite! It's been to long since I've have a fresh, thick juicy patty. Why do I torture myself with your posts?!


*Drool* I love a great, thick, beefy burger. It looked like it was grilled to perfection yum yum!

clare eats

Great burger :) I like that the missus took a nap afterwards ;)

I am so in for mustard, I think it is the german in me ;) hehhehehehehe


Wendy's eh?? At least that's my guess to Xxxyyy's. Great story and great lookin' burger! Your wife is a lucky woman!


Hi PS - Thanks for commenting. I've been to Tip Top once, when first moved to San Diego back in 2001, so I really don't remember much. But I remember I enjoyed the "vibe" there. I'll make a point to take a trip out there, once it gets closer to grilling season. What I can say about IMF is that they are owned by the large Cohn Restaurant group, but still go for a neighborhood meat market "style". The meats are always good, as is the poultry - from Fulton Valley Farms. I really don't care for the sausages/smoked meats/marinated meats/seafood there. For sausages, I prefer Sausage King in Mission Hills/Hillcrest, though the service can be rather "tough".

Hi Kathy - Thanks! LOL! The smiley face didn't come out real well - you could say it "couldn't cut the mustard".

Hi Rachel - The Missus said it's the best burger she had in a while. I think it's just that she hadn't eaten a burger in a long time.

Hi Clare - I like brown mustard on my burger. Don't know why, but I just do! The Missus just wants "Da' Beef".

Hi Elmo - You shoulda' been a detective. LOL! Funny thing is; I don't think there are any Xxxxy's in Honolulu anymore.


When you wrote about hearing the Waa...Waa...Waa....Waa...Waas..., I totally thought of Charlie Brown! ;) Great story!


Hi Kristy - That's exactly what I was "copying"! LOL!


Dude, are we doing an unconscious telepathic blogging thing or what? I hadn't checked in on your blog in a couple of days, until just now--right after I posted a whole entry on my eGullet blog about visitng Iowa Meat Farms! I even posted a photo of the danged plastic steer out front! But you know what they say about great minds thinking alike ... :-) Oh yeah, and I love mustard on burgers too. Cheers!


Hi mizducky - I call it blogger-rhythms. I've noticed that on many occasions, bloggers in the same area all eat or crave the same dish or style of food at the same time. It's very strange and uncanny!


P/S Kirk, I think your wife has the best business prowess ... she always manages to persuade you to get her the food she craves ! She should start up some classes for the rest of us girls ;)


Hi Rachel - We having a little repartie' around the house....If I ask for something? I will ask how much! If I ask you to jumo? I will ask how high!!!! I think we're joking around.... Maybe she should start some classes, she's got me trained! I call it her Chinese Mind-control. LOL!


Ahh I love those types of meat places. Well you saw the place Jo and I go and get privsions from, Dittmers. But man it was nice seeing the one you go to, and I love the wonderful service(usually). The burger looks awesome. Cute oniony nose, does that mean he can smell a stinker a mile away... ;P


Hi Mills - I think he is the stinker you smell a mile away! :o)



Homemade burgers are the best, aren't they? A chilly afternoon sounds like just the right reason for firing up the grill.


Hi Reid - You're right; nothing beats a homemade burger seasoned to your taste.


Kirk, Now that I'm closer to Iowa Meat Farms, I've been going here more frequently...mostly going for the two-legged family members, sometimes for those of the four-legged type. They are on a raw diet and love the marrow bones.


Hi Jack - I'm sure they (the 2 legged and 4 legged members of the family) appreciate the effort. We still go out of our way to get our meat here, even though Seisel's is closer.


I don't know how long you've been in San Diego but I grew up around Mission Gorge and there used to be a very small Cohn family restaurant in that same parking lots back in the 80s. It was called Rory's and it was a 50s style diner. Very popular back in the day. Now it's a car lot.

Just a little S.D. food history lesson... LOL.


Hi Beth - We moved to San Diego in 2001, so really don't know much about "restaurant history" here. I did read about Rory's on the CRG website, though. Thanks for the info.

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