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Tuesday, 10 January 2006



Hi Mills - I must've renewed Mark Bittman's book like 6 times, and after feeling really guilty about "hogging" the book, I finally bought it.



See it tells you which books you need to buy! LOL I lovethe library. I did the same thing with the Nigella Lawson book Feast. :)


Hey Kirk, if you need any coaching or encouragement on using the pressure cooker, drop me a line. I love my little cooker--makes such quick work of braised dishes and dried beans, plus fiddling with it really appeals to my inner technogeek. :-)


Howie, we spent SO much money at Peet's we finally broke down and bought a Gaggia. That was about 3 years ago. At the time CR rated it best for under $500. We figured that with time, gas, etc., the machine paid for itself in about 2 months. Mike makes the MOST incredible foam! If you go to MY blog... ::ahem:: (please forgive my shameless self promotion Kirk) In the post "Breakfast of Champions" there is a pic of my morning beverage. You would be surprised how easy a good machine makes creating the perfect espresso or espresso drink.


Hi Mills - The one thing the library(here at least) is not good at are Asian Cookbooks.

Hi mizducky - Thanks for the offer.

Hi Jo - Mike does indeed make a "Great cup".

Barbara Fisher

Hey, Kirk!

A lot of those books are looking really, really familiar!

And don't fear the pressure cooker. Please. It does beautiful things in the kitchen, and the new ones do not explode. Like, okay, they could, if you really -tried- to make them explode, by tinkering with them so they -will- explode.

But other than that, the worst that will happen is you will ruin your pressure cooker, but you won't be cleaning whatever you were cooking off your entire kitchen.

Don't fear it. Embrace it.

Trust me.

And learning Indian food takes a bit, but it is so worth it, and it is fun!


*nod* I understand. It is getting much better here, but depending on the city library you go to the asian cookbooks can be hard to find.

Hmmm all t his talk about pressure cookers I might have to get one. Well maybe... :P


Hi Barbara I get it...embrace the pressure cooker, embrace the pressure cooker...

Hi Mills - Unitl we bought ours, I'd really never really even seen a pressure cooker up close.



LOL Embrace the pressure cooker huh...Hmmm Maybe I should take up the chant too, I wonder if it would help me get rid of the fear? Well I have been debating whether to get one, expecially if it can pressure can, but I am still afraid! LOL


Hi Mills - LOL!



I just bought some new cookbooks via mail...Help...I need a 12 step program. Not the mention Jo bought me another cookbook...I better get hopping!

I can just picture myself with a pressure canner...Blackberry jam all over the kitchen, the pressure canner exploded, the lid bottom pot in the diningroom, the lid molecularly fused with the ceiling, and me hiding behind the cabinet trembling.


er "the lid bottom pot" = "the bottom of the pressure canner" Sorry had someone interupting my thought processes!


really? Interupting your thought processes at 12 midnight??? ::grins:: Don't forget you have half ownership in the Korean desert book! Van got a brand new pressure canner for her birthday. A gleaming giant of a pot. I think I want one to but it'll have to wait until we know wether or not we are fiscally viable following the purchase of a home! ::wink::


Yeah the pressure canners are awesome. Try to make sure you get the weighted "indicator" the reason being it is easier to calibrate, and replace. The cost of a really nice pressure canner is expensive, and I rather you get a house first before the canner! :) There are several other brands that don't cost as much, and then you can get a house and a canner... ;P But I am hoping you get a house soon!


HA! ::laughing:: Thee AND me!


Hi Mills - Exploding blackberry jam? :o(

Hi Jo - Yes, house first; exploding blackberry jam next.....



It is one of my fears that the canner would explode! LOL It is one of the fears I will have to get over! Yeah I would be sad if blackberry jam went exploding. :(


House house house... :)

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