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Tuesday, 10 January 2006


Passionate Eater

Those are some ambitious resolutions Kirk! Don't worry, I'll help keep you "accountable" and make sure you keep to your 2006 resolutions, by checking into the Mmm-Yoso!!! webpage and leaving "persuasive" comments when I see that you are deviating from them! ;)

Also, to help encourage you to use your new pressure cooker, here are some recipes I found on Food TV. No "pressure" though.

Passionate Eater

Huh! I put a link to this webpage:

But it didn't come out in the previous post!

Sorry about that.


Sounds like a plan, Kirk! I am looking forward to seeing what Indian dishes you cook because that's something I also want to explore.

As for the cabeza part of the project, have you been to El Gordo in Chula Vista? It's our favorite taco place and I know they serve it. I haven't had it, though, and I don't know what makes good cabeza but everything else there is outstanding. I'm planning on doing a little write-up on them soon. Yum!


Great resolutions and pics Kirk. Once you've used the pressure cooker, you won't go back to the slow cooker I'm sure!
oh oh and make your big trip to
Australia!!! *grin* you already know 4 people here :P


Hi PE - Thanks for the link; those recipes look interesting. I'll need all the help I can get.

Hi Beth - Funny you should mentioned Tacos El Gordo de Tijuana B.C., they are on my list for this weekend since I had to drop by Chula Vista. I've heard good things about them.

Hi Rachel - I know if I decided to visit OZ, that I'd have some great resources! :o)


That's a lot of cookbooks! Looking forward to seeing a dish made from each of those books!

I notice that Blue Ginger is in that stack. My friend just about gave up on that book which I gave her for Christmas. She said it was too complicated.


Hi Kirk! Great resolutions! =) I love the cookbooks...I should do the same. hehehe! They're the first books I go to at used bookstores or garage sales. I'm going to try to cook and bake more too this year! I've got two of my own "kidz"...Mochi and Pumba (two of the feline nature though). Here's to a great 2006!


Hi Elmo - The stack you see is not even one-third of the books, I got tired of stacking them. I've made a few dishes from Blue Ginger - and the recipe for the Wasabi Oil is one of my "go-to" recipes. I find Alan Wong's New Wave Luau to be the most intimidating(won't count Keller's...cause it ain't Asian, whew....).

Hi Kristy - I look forward to your cooking posts. I recall seeing "Mochi" but not "Pumba", I'm sure i'll see them soon! Happy New Year


OH OH OH!!! I know about the trip, you're going to North Carolina to visit friends!!! RIGHT?!?! ;o)


Tag, you're it!


Hi Jo - Stay tuned......

Hi Kady - Wow, this one might take some time.



WOW I love the resolutions! LOL I have to start cooking more out of the cookbooks I have, or I can't justify more cookbooks. *sigh*


Hi Mills - I really don't want to be a "Cookbook collector" so just for peace of mind, I'm going to need to start actually cooking something once in a while.


:) I know what you mean about cookbooks. I actually stopped buying cookbooks, and I get them from the library instead.

Some of my food resolutions:

-- Figure out how to make a really good Japanese Ginger-Orange salad dressing.
-- Make a really good pie crust.
-- Find the perfect latte in San Diego.
-- Find out how Persians make such good rice.


Hi Howie - I've tried borrowing cookbooks, but find if I like the cookbook, I'll keep renewing them, so I might as well buy. Though the library is a great source for trial runs.


ummm... Minato honey onion dressing is outstanding! Pie crust is a snap, I do believe you can get 2 very reliable recipes from Ono'kine Grindz. 1 is Reid's and the other is mine. The perfect latte would be at one of these 3 shops: That's what we always drink! Persians make such good rice by using a touch of clarified butter to sautee the basmati rice and gently seasoning with such things as saffron, toasted slivered almonds, and raisins (this is my favorite combination). Kirk, did I take over your blog nicely????


Kirk, I had the same problem too, and racked up a decent number of late fees. I'll just copy some of my favorites now. Maybe if I win the lottery, I'll start buying everything again.

Jo, thanks for solving all my resolutions for me!

I love Peet's coffee also. For my latte fixes recently, I've been going to Caffe Calabria, The Bean Bar, and Influx. I'm still looking for more candidates. I'm trying to find something along the lines of this:



I love all the cookbooks I get as gifts, but usually I have specific cookbooks I like to add for my own reference. Usually I do what Howie does go to the library and copy some recipies down mainly because I am very forgetful about returning library books.


Hi Jo - Thanks, I really didn't have any answers anyway!

Hi Howie - I enjoy Peet's coffee beans, but not always the coffee that the Hillcrest outlet makes - they sometimes get it wrong and the coffee is really bitter.

Hi Mills - I guess I should spend more time at the library, I usually just borrow the books and take them home; but then the renew/overdue cycle begins....



Yeah I hear ya, and that is why I HAVE to copy the recipe while there, or pay the dues...*sigh*

I love peets too, and mostly I have been lucky in that all of the ones here seem to do it right. Once in a blue moon I will get a really bitter cup of coffee.

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