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Monday, 30 January 2006



That restaurant is just about the most colorful room I've ever seen. It almost looks like a rainbow barf!

Too bad the saltado wasn't up to par - nothing more depressing than soggy saltado. I like the flower pattern of the the places we usually go, they just dump it in a bowl and that's it...not even a leche sauce.


Kirk, I've been jonesin for some good Peruvian lately and your post only made me want it more. I'm not a big fan of heart but those plaintains looked great. I've never seem them served with leche before though. Is that common? Hmm...lomo saltado, probably one of the worlds unhealthiest but tastiest foods.


The plaintain looks good, and I too have never seen them served with leche. Interesting. I am sad that everything else was a bust, but I am sure you will find another Peruvian place that is worth while.


Aww, it is so disappointing to hear that restaurant is a no-go. I'm actually Peruvian-born, and went back to the motherland for two weeks during the holidays. I have all my vacation food pictures on flickr:

The best Peruvian restaurant I've tried in southern california is Mario's Seafood in LA. Too bad there aren't any good places around here.


Hot Diggity! That's some color in the restaurant! So sorry the Lomo Saltado wasn't so delicioso. Mac and I went to Mario's on Vine and Melrose a month or so ago...absolutely delish! ;)


Hi Elmo - Looks like Mickey barfed all over the place, doesn't it? The plantains was the only thing that saved this meal.

Hi MEalcentric - This is the only Peruvian place where we were provided with leche. So I really don't think it's very common.

Hi Mills - I don't think that San Diego has a good Peruvian restaurant, but I hope I'll be proven wrong.

Hi Mabel - Loved your photos, most delici-yoso!!! BTW, have you tried Ana Maria's yet? I haven't eaten there in a while and don't remember much about the food.

Hi Kristy - We've never been to Mario's, but from various comments, and posts on other blogs, that looks like the place to eat Peruvian in LA.


Well, hopefully you had some fresh manju to make the trip down south worth it.


BTW...the inside of the restaurant looks like a bad acid trip...ok, back to work...


Hey Jack - Ummm, no we didn't make it to Hogetsu, so the whole drive was kind of a waste.

Hi MEalcentric - Geeez working those ungodly hours again! You should see the other walls and the faux Machupichu mural(if you click on the first photo it will enlarge, but why punish yourself), combined with the tablecloths, are well.....Groovy! ;O)


Aww sad this turned out to be dissapointing, but at least it wasn't a total wash. It seems true to its sports bar appearance that its a good place for snack like foods :) Maybe visit for a beer and snacks with friends sometime !


Hi Kirk,

Sorry about the bad experience you had here. The food sounds interesting though, but like everyone else, I've never had plantanos maduros with leche. My preference is tostones.


Hi Rachel - Yes, it's one of those, just eat "anything fried" places.

Hi Reid - Tostones, are those the flattened fried plantains? Aren't they made with green plantains instead of ripe, ones? Never had those. Gives me something to look for when we go to Cuban restaurants in the future.


where can i go to have a good Peruvian food around San Diego?
Planning a trip in July...


Hi Soyedil - You might want to try Latin Chef in Pacific Beach.


is the best restaurant in the whole world i love it. saludos al senor navarro..... bye




Horrible food.

Please don't waiste your time going to this restaurant. Practically is mexican .... Please remove my peruvian flag from there.

No Go


Hi Fernando - In what would be the biggest insult to you....I know of a few Peruvians who like and recommend this place. I need to ask, have you ever eaten here?

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