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Wednesday, 04 January 2006



Kirk and "vegetarian"...two words that I never would have thought I would see together. You know that I have never been to a Chipotle, er Chi-poodle.


That veggie bowl does look pretty tasty pity you need to fork out a bit for it. That guacamole really looks good though :)

P/S Is the exercise class for after eating too much chipotle?

Passionate Eater

I actually like Chi-poodles! I call it "Chippies" though.

Seems like the burrito bowl option is pretty expensive. Whenever I go to "Chippies," I try to get my money's worth by requesting as many items as I can. Kirk, you could still take an additional step to maximize your $7: add lettuce! That's one more topping at the same price! Also, students can get a free drink with their meal, if they flash their student id.


Hi Kirk! Hmmm, you actually gave me in idea for my husband's bday -after dinner spread, I might include tacos now and will try to make this dip!



Hi Jack - Yeah, and you may never see it again! LOL! BTW, give da' Poodle a shot, most everyone in the office loves the food there.

Hi Rachel - It's pretty good, and quite alot of food as well. I think you get a free session if you can make it up the stairs after eating! ;o)

Hi PE - Adding lettuce might not be for would look too much like a salad. :P

Hi Thess - I'm glad that I was of some assistance, albiet unintentionally! Our best B-Day wishes for the Hubby!


I like that you also post about chain's too. People like to pretend the don't exist, but I go to chains just almost as often as I go to indies.

There's a Chi-poodle within walking distance from my home. I tried it once. Not bad. But you're right the meat, is not good...and I can't have a burrito without off to Alerto's I go!

Barbara Fisher

The pork is okay, but the guac is better. For a basically fast food chain, it is pretty good, because you can tell that the food actually came from real, live ingredients that are identifiable.

We get the same thing, btw, Kirk. I always ask for extra pintos, and they give them to me without charge.


As I recall from the few times I had tried Chipotle, every burrito tasted the same...cilantro rice.


HA! What do you know. As a matter of fact there is one going in 2 blocks from here across the street from Costco. Isn't that just great, all the good stuff lands here just when we are leaving?!?! The nerve of some chain restaurants!

By the by... where is that wing recipe?



You know Dh loves mexican food but he can't stand the "alien burrito place". Yes that is what we call it, and we're sticking to that name. The reason we call it that way is that a lot of the decorations and tables are brushed steel, and we happened to state it seemed like we were in a UFO inhabited by aliens trying to pass it off as a burrito joint...Oh we're a little weird but oh well. The vegitarian bowl seems a bit more palatable than their burritos, but a little but expensive.


We don't eat @ Chi-poodle very often b/c it's so much more expensive than other, better quality Mexican fast food joints, but they definitely give you a lot of food! We used to have them cater lunches on game days when I was w/ the Chargers, and I never could finish one of their burritos. Alas, I'm not much of a fan for forking over $6 to purchase my own so we tend to steer clear.


Heh. I seem to recall a Jack-in-the-Box commercial from awhile back in which Jack was having trouble pronouncing "chipotle" and wound up saying "chi-poodle" ... one of their funnier commercials.

Not that I have anything against chains as such (heck, speaking of JITB, they should probably issue me stock shares with all the business I've given them over the years) ... but with all the cheap indie 24-hour taco stands around here, I'm not anticipating going to Chipotle any time soon ...


I actually had Chipotle yesterday for lunch. I love their 4 crispy tacos combo. It's a lot of food.

Did you know McDonald's owns Chipotle?



I'm with you on this one. The paper bowl this comes in tastes better than their tortillas. And it's sad when pork lovers prefer the vegetarian option, although I do commend them for using sustainably raised meat (Niman Ranch).


Hi Elmo - I tend to stay away from most bigtime chains like Mickey D's, but you really can't deny they exist. And sometimes there are just those that you love (i.e. Popeye's).

Hi Barb - The freshness and all of that is the big "selling point" for these fast-casual places.

Hi Rob - Yes, you're right. Why bother with the meat, since it all tastes like cilantro rice anyway?

Hi Jo - Wing recipe? Do you mean this one:

Hi Mills - At least you can identify all the ingredients.

Hi Joan - Everybody in our office enjoys "The Poodle", most of them would have nothing to do with anything more adventurous.

Hi Mizducky - You know, that may be where I got that from.....

Hi Dylan - Yes, Chipotle is a subsidiary of McDonald's and Baja Fresh is owned by Wendy's.

Hi Angie - I think I'd enjoy the cardboard bowl alot more then the meat. BTW, I've been informed by a very reputable source that the reason Steve Ells sold a portion of the business was so he could leverage the business to retain the ability to afford Nieman Ranch Pork.



That is true you can identify all the ingredients and that is better than some places. :)

clare eats

take heart kirk, it may be vgertarian but I am sure the calorie count is just as high :P

BTW I finally did the uni post...


Yep, that's the one! ::grimaces:: Please forgive me in advance for whatever happens!


Hi Mills - Well on second thought, maybe I don't want to identify all the ingredients! ;O0

Hi Clare - Just been there! I'm sure it's just as calorie dense as if it were vegetarian.

Hi Jo - I'm waiting for the report!


Hi Kirk,

Interesting....we don't have this chain here and I'm kind of amused that it's affiliated with McD's. Maybe that's why the meat dishes are bad. LOL!

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