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Thursday, 29 December 2005



hi kirk! in that second to the last photo, are you trying to tell us that the mmm-yoso food pyramid consists of rice, rice, and mmm-rice? ;)

happy holidays to you and your family, and have a wonderful new year!


Nice meme! I totally agree with you about the garlic. If the recipe calls for a clove, I throw in a whole head! My Italian friend in high school showed me how to make a super simple pasta where you slice a tonne of garlic, fry them in some olive oil until they're almost golden, and then throw that over spaghetti with a little parmesean. Easy, yummy, and filling!
If I can get my act together, I'm going to Japan tomorrow. I'll eat lots of sushi and shoyu and gyoza for you!
UGH on the oysters, btw!


Love your meme kirk!! Especially like how you illustrated your point with photos :) I guess reading from your previous posts, I gather plate lunches are those set type meals with rice, meat and sometimes macaroni salad things?

Good to see that you have your veggies (mushrooms) and calcium (yogurt) in there !! And I totally agree with you about dumplings. I have made some but I dislike messes with the food processor (was given a giant one for our wedding) so I haven't made any fresh ones in ages. I feel that dumplings are a complete food ! They have meat, veg and carbs all rolled in one convenient tasty package. Hence, they should be at the bottom of the dietitians supposed "food pyramid".
BTW I think if you are what you eat, then you kirk, are vibrant, tasty,colourful, spicy, multicultural and well-balanced.


Rachel! You are SO SWEET! ::grins at Kirk:: I think she hit it on the nose pretty much. By the by, why on earth would you use a food processor for dumplings? Aren't onions, garlic, and chilies veggies as well? We Spainiards have a saying "One can live without onions, but not so well". I guess that is cross cultural wisdom for Asians. Although you would be surprised how many Americans don't even have an onion in their home.

I liked that website Kirk, though it seemed only the "tuna" section worked for me. Not sure why. Maybe it's just learning curve on my part. =o)


Hi santos - Happy New Year to you! You've just described why I love the picture of the great pyramid of rice so much. I was waiting to see if someone would "get it".

Hi Jenn - I hope you're feeling better. I enjoy spaghetti aglia d'olio as well. I'm looking forward to your posts on your trip. Have a happy and safe New Year!

Hi Rachel - My usual breakfast is plain yogurt and a banana, and I've eaten that for decades....I guess there's some internal rationalization that makes me feel better by eating something rather "good" for breakfast, then I can grab a plate lunch once in a while. I've never thought of dumplings as a complete food, but as described by you, I guess it is!

Hi Jo - I think she uses the food processor to chop both the meat for the dumplings, as well as mince the vegetables. And yes, Rachel is so very sweet, and always puts things in a positive light!


Hi Kirk

You-so funny!!!!

Spam says Crazy Taste!

Can you ask your in laws for the exact recipe of Jioze? I'd like to make a couple hundreds if they are good.

Happy new year. Your blog brings me much joy. Thanks buddy!


Hehe Thanks Kirk and Jo *blush* but I could say the same about both of you and milly too, very encouraging and lots of good advice !

I actually add finely chopped wom bok in my dumpling recipes (makes it sweeter) along with the prawn meat (which I chop finely) and the pork mince (already minced yaay). Hence, the need for a food processor as the other way would be too long. I suppose if you had a dumpling making party it wouldn't be so bad as you would have people to chat to as you chopped, mixed and folded.


Hi Joanna - Happy New Year to you. There is no "Real" recipe, but try this on for size:

I'll try to record amounts the next time we make them.

Hi Rachel - We add Nappa Cabbage as well. We first chop and salt them and let them sit a while, then squeeze out all the moisture. It's either that or leeks or chives. We grind our own meat using a meat grinder, or finely chop shrimp/prawns the old fashioned way - works alot better then any food processor, which would tend to make the meat "mushy".



I have to agree with you on a lot of these! LOL


Yes have a dumpling party, and figure out how you are going to divide dumplings. Sometimes we agree to have the hostess receive most of the dumplings or divide what is left over equally. Which can mean not a lot of dumplings if you get to eating too many and slowing down production! LOL


So interesting to know what makes a person tick!

Cool post Kirk!


Hi Mills - Happy New Year!

Hi Elmo - I guess it's mostly about rice......

Passionate Eater

Your love for food really shines through in this post. (Hee hee, especially because you snuck in more than 10 foods in your "Top Ten List"!)

Also, you said "soy-based products." Does that include stinky tofu and natto? Just wondering! :)

Excellent list Kirk!



Happy New Years to you and the Missus!!! :D


Prospero Ano Nuevo! (imagine a tilde ~ over the n in Ano!) Dumpling parties are the best Rachel. Can't beat 'em with a stick especially if you can get the guys in on the deal. I know 3 husbands that don't mind turning their hands to such work and the results are WOW!


Hi PE - Well, not "all" soy based products, but most....I really couldn't put garlic without onions, and of course then there are the chilies.....

Hi Mills - Happy New Year to you too!

Hi Jo - Happy New Year.

clare eats


You-so have to come here ;) Sydney rock oysters are the best.


Hi Clare - You should taste oysters in Seattle - all the different types have different flavors! Totally delici-yoso!!!



I have to agree with Kirk that each place has their own taste. I would love to come over there and try the Sydney rock oysters! My parents at this point are in love with Tomales Bay oysters...I can't get DH to eat anything raw, and he keeps reminding me I am a microbiologist I should know better, but good oysters...Yum :)


hi Mills - So I guess if I'm a firefighter I shouldn't have a BBQ? LOL!


Fascinating list, Kirk! I learned a little more about you through your choices. :) Oh and I know what you mean about more garlic = better. I do that, too.

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