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Monday, 12 December 2005


clare eats

I LOVED THAT "Can't tell the difference b/w the noodles and the styrofoam"

at least you didn't starve... right?


Hi Clare - Do you happen to knw the nutritional content of styrofoam? ;o)


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Mine is IndoMie "Mie Goreng" - translates to "Fried Noodle" and look similar to what you had, sans the snazzy design and packaging.

What it does have is a packet of congealed oil with bits of fried shallots (that's SOLID AT ROOM TEMPERATURE!)...forget about counting calories...this one's an artery clogger in paste form!

I use all of it though...I wring every last speck of that fat out of the packet.

Tasty? Yeah, not bad. Cheap? How's about $0.24 per pack?


Oh here's a pic of the packaging.


Hi Elmo - You mean I can get 4 times the carbs, and 4 times the fat for what I paid! I gotta find me some o' that.


Yikes! 610 Calories?!?!! Gotta save those calories for a loco moco!


Funny but oh so true!


The mustard mayo is the highlight of those noodles! I picked up the same kind at my first visit to First Korean Market on Convoy. The calories encourage me to run harder the days that I indulge ;)


Hey Jack - 610 calories is probably only one-fourth of a locomoco!

Hi Anna - Happy Holidays to you! I'm really not aware of how many calories are in these noodles. After all, "it's just noodles", right?

Hi Campy - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I tried them with the mayo, and really didn't think it added much. But I'm not really much of a mayo guy(except for macaroni salad).


Hi Kirk,

Maybe you should have added the packet of mayo. The noodles would have been EXTRA oily and even a little sweet! =)


Hi Reid - That's all I need - extra oily....LOL!

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