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Monday, 26 December 2005



Hi Kirk,

Seems like the prices are definitely right for some pretty good Thai food. I don't know why most of the places here are so expensive!


Hi Reid - I really think you get your money's worth here. Thai food is expensive in San Diego as well.


Oh man! Does that ever look delici-yoso! ESPECIALLY the drunken noodles and the soy sauce eggs... mmm...


It seems like you have your Thai buffet strategy down - always a sign of a good eater!


i love larb!

yummy food!!!!!


Hi kirk !!!

What fantastic cheap fare !! It looks like great value for money due to the variety of dishes. I am sure you'll find one or two that you like and that even makes it worth it at that price. Nice photos as well. BTW Merry Christmas to you too!!!!! Hope you and your wife had a fantastic cozy yummy time. And hope you have a happy new year as well.


Hi Kirk,
Hope you had a great Christmas! This place definitely is a great bang for your buck. In and out in 25 min? Gives you more time for chowing later on in the evening!


Hi Jo - Nothing is outstanding, but everything is decent, and it's a good value.

Hi Kathy - Or a hungry one!

Hi bandini - good larb is delici-yoso!!! I do find that most places make their larb salads much to "dry" for my tastes.

Hi Rachel - You do get a good value here! I hope all is well for the holidays.

Hi Jack - Or more time for running errands, so long you show some restraint, and don't eat too much!


Cool, you're into Thai Cafe too. While they're not the most high-falutin' exemplar of Thai cuisine I've ever tasted, they do provide some very decent food for a terrific price.


Hi mizducky - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I guess you could say I'm a little into Thai Cafe, a bit too much. LOL! And you're right, can't beat the variety for the price, and the food really ain't too bad.


i think i might want to check this place out!! i really want to figure out how to make the larb -- it's one of my favorite thai dishes!


Hi Annie - Actually the larb is hit and miss here! Larb is really easy. I'll email you the recipe! I make really good larb, but it's Thai style not Laotian.


Wow! Just found your blog from a review by Naomi Wise about Thai/Lao food-
You eat Peruvian (having lived in Peru, I am on a constant search for good Peruvian food here in SD), visit Maui (where my Mr. and I travel almost every year and are always on the search for good food) and you have done the leg work on all the great small restaurants in San Diego!!!!


Hi Yvonne - Welcome, and thanks for taking the time out to comment!

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