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Sunday, 11 December 2005



Aw man, sorry you had a bad meal. But now you know you're not missing out on anything good! I've not posted in a while b/c of all these school finals but I'll be back in Hawaii in a week and relish (and post) on all the delicious food back home!

clare eats

At least having a blog lets you tell everyone else just how bad this place is! But by the lack of people, perhaps you were at the bottom of the "to know" list!


10 bucks!? Damn, prices are going up all over in San Diego! It's crazy, especially with apartments and everything. It's like San Francisco and Manhattan today, or Tokyo back in the 80's.
I dunno' why but it's hard to find really GOOD Italian food in San Diego sometimes. Maybe I've just haven't gone to the right places there. Hmmm, there is Venice though...


Ten bucks is kinda steep for a sandwich here in SD. NY Jewish Deli maybe. Its always sad to here about restaurants with lack of service. Cashier or not, she was representing the restaurant. We stop going to some restaurants(TAKA) because of that. Great post.


Hi Kathy - Congrads on surviving finals. Can't wait for those posts from "home".

Hi Clare - You're probably right. Just haven't been back in that area for a while.

Hi James - Make that 10 bucks for a lousy sandwich. I've heard from many that San Diego has good Italian, just might be my luck. But I just wanted a sandwich.....

Hi Rob - First a $10 sandwich, then spaced out service. Can you believe it was just $5.95 in 2001? Also, did you know that the original Taka left "Taka's" in the Gaslamp and opened up his own place a few years ago?


Thats as bad as it gets. At one point you just have to admit defeat and WALK OUT. No napkins or silverware, then all the veggies on half your sandwich. Not to mention the puddle of water in the salad? No thanks. I would have voted with my feet.


Sorry to hear another old favorite has taken a nose dive. On the positive side, if it had been good, you would be tempted to keep going and paying $10 for a sandwich.

I haven't had luck finding great Italian food in San Diego either. It could be that I'm gun-shy after a few mediocre experiences, but I should probably start trying again.


Hi MEalcentric - It got to the point that starting feeling sorry for the poor hapless Gal.....

Hi Howie - You know, so many people have told me that there's really good Italian Food in san Diego, so I ask them for rec's, and get ______ blank.


I guess they can't all be winners. Makes for a fun read though!


May they wake up with cold chow fun upon their faces, old shrimp in their ears, and several sprigs of oregano where sun has a tendency to fail to shine!

((The Foodie Curse))



Hi Elmo - I guess there's a good sitcom in there somewhere....

Hi Jo - Replace some of those herbs/ingredients with chili peppers, and it'll be much more "effective"!


Thanks for the warning! Now I'll know never to go in there!


Hi Beth - All service screw-ups aside, the food here is really not worth the effort/price.


Hey Kirk,
I'm slowly arising from the dead..still not completely better, but gettng there. Anyway, I've never had a good vibe about this place. I use to go next door to the Ace Hardware store and park in the back, peeking through the back door of the restaurant into the kitchen. It's been around for a long time though so I assumed it had it's fans.


We used to get pizza from Taste of Italy for work, and it was awful! Half-cooked pizzas, pathetic sauce... too bad their sandwiches sound just as terrible! You're much nicer to call it "Waste" of Italy... we referred to it as Taste of "Sh*taly". Needless to say, haven't been there in years!


Hi Jack - Welcome back to the land of the living! The sandwiches used to be pretty good, but not anymore....

Hi Joan - Welcome, and thanks for commenting. I think your "name" is probably alot better then mine. I can see your much better at creating nicknames then I am! LOL!


Hi Kirk,

OK. I thought I was going crazy when I thought the salad dressing looked like poi! LOL!


Hi Reid - you know you're right, it does look a little like poi, doesn't it? ;o)



I thought the same thing about the salad dressing. Had to enlarge the photo and it still looked like poi. LOL!!!


Hi Lance - Poi dressing might be an improvement.

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